Urologists assessed information about the effect of coronavirus on potency

Urologists interviewed by the RBC publication have assessed the information about the effect of coronavirus on potency, which previously appeared in the Telegram channel of stopkoronavirus.rf. According to her, the risk of erectile dysfunction after COVID-19 increases by 5.6 times.

According to Roman Redko, urologist, dermatovenerologist andrologist at MedicoCity clinic, coronavirus exacerbates chronic diseases, including prostatitis. Against this background, libido and erectile component decreases.

Professor Gevorg Kasyan, head of the laboratory of functional urology and urodynamics of the Department of Urology at MSMSU, noted that there are no direct comparative studies on this topic at the moment. "Yes, and they are possible only in laboratory studies on animals," he noted. Despite this, the doctor stressed that coronavirus is a severe condition, and sexual function in men can be realized only with full health.

Kasyan stated that it is worth separating the psychological and general somatic components from the effect of coronavirus on penile vessels, which could cause vascular impotence. In addition, COVID-19 leads to endothelial dysfunction. "There is a hypothesis that endothelial dysfunction leads to erectile dysfunction," the expert stressed.

In August, RIA Novosti, citing a study by domestic specialists, reported that sperm quality in men who had contracted the coronavirus decreased significantly. Genes related to energy production processes in mitochondria were particularly affected.


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