Useful tips for girls: top 15 best practices for every day

Useful tips for girls Hair In winter women are often faced with electrified hair. Special products can help to cope with this problem. If you do not have them at hand, just run a damp cloth through the curls. This way your hair won't stick out, and as a bonus, it will also smell nice. If you want to do your styling with the hair extensions, spritz them with hairspray before using them. This will help them last a lot longer on your curls. Interestingly, not everyone knows how to properly use the hairpins - down the wavy side. You need to wash your hair but don't have much time? Just use a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel after washing. It will absorb moisture faster, which will allow you to dry your hair faster.

Skin A big problem for many girls is the appearance of unexpected pimples on the face. To make it less noticeable, simply wet a cotton pad with eye redness drops and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Apply the absorbent cotton to the inflamed area. This will help keep the redness to a minimum. Another problem is dark circles under the eyes. To camouflage them, you should use a special corrector. It should be applied to the face, drawing a triangle and gently blend. To eliminate oily shine from the skin of the face or to correct makeup without powder on hand, use body talcum powder or baby powder.

Lips Often girls find that lipstick sticks to their teeth. To avoid this, wrap your index finger around your painted lips and gently pull it out without parting your lips. If you want to visually enhance your lips, apply lipstick with your finger. And if you want a clear contour, use a brush to apply it.

Nails Use an eye cream to take care of the cuticle. This cosmetic does an excellent job of nourishing the cuticle, just as good as special oils. Cracked nail? No problem. For the first time to cope with this problem will help things that are sure to be found in the house of every girl. Take a tea bag and cut off a small piece of it. Cover the crack in the nail with it and cover it with clear nail polish.

Body To prevent your skin from drying out in winter, give up hot showers and baths for a while. Hot water negatively affects your skin by washing away the protective fat. It is better to take a warm shower. To make sure your hands are always moisturized, place hand cream near the kitchen sink and dab it on your hands after every time you wash dirty dishes. Want your perfume to last longer? Dot it on your wrist, elbow bend, earlobe, neck and below your knee. But it's better to give up the habit of rubbing perfume a little, as it wears off faster. If you ran out of shaving foam for your legs, use a balm for your hair. It will soften the hairs and make shaving easier. Recipe for a remedy to slow down hair growth after hair removal: take 30 drops each of peppermint and tea tree essential oil and mix it with almond oil. Apply it on your skin every time after hair removal.


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