Vampire Detective

    Danial Warren was a detective for the New Scotland Yard. He was called to a crime scene one morning that seemed unusual.

    "Detective Warren, over here..." Danial walked over to the other detective.

    "What do we got?" He asked. 


"Two bodies. One male, one female." 

Danial crouched been to examine the two bodies.

''When were they found?''

"Earlier this morning. By two kids "


Danial stood up and went to the other body. Crouching down again he noticed two puncture wounds on his neck.


"The woman looked like she put up a good fight."

"Get a sample of whats under her nails. Let's see if we can't get some DNA from them. Interview anyone near by. Lest also see if we can find anyone who may have seen or heard  anything"

"Sure thing." 


    James went straight to the hospital and to the mourge. He walked in casually. 


"Who the Hell are you?!" Asked the young mortician. He reached into his breast coat pocket and pulled out his badge.


"Detective Danial Warren. This is my coluge detective Downey." He replied, putting his badge back where he got it from. 


"And you are?" 

"I'm the Mauritian." He grinned and cocked his head. His brown eyes meeting hers.


"Your name." He said.


"Jessica,  Jessica Walker."


"Well, miss Walker, what do we have?" He asked walking over to the female body.


"They both have been drained of blood."


"These marks..." He said pointing at them.


"Do you think it could have come from there?" 

"I doubt it. The marks are way too small. The holes would have had to be a lot bigger for them to be completely drained of blood.'' Daneal nodded.


"Thank you miss Walker." He said before walking out.


"You think this could have been a ritual killing?" Asked Downey, following Daneal out the door.


"No. Too little blood at the crime scene. And there's no evidence of ritual at the crime scene. But, we may serial killer on the loose."


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