Vampire Detective Chapter Two

    Daniel went back to the station and sat down on his desk, pondering and looking over the evidence he had so far.


"There's not much to go by." Stated Downey.


"Nope. Not much at all." Sighed Daniel tossing the papers on his desk. 


"Thats what bothers me." He added. He went home after work, tossed his house keys on the stand beside the door, and looked through his mail. Going to the kitchen he sat down at the table. Looking at the pictures of the victims, he sighed. 


"Who are you?" He whispered to himself. 


"Something much worse than you." Stated a female voice. Denial quickly looked up from the photos.




"Hello Daniel. Long time no see."


"What are you doing here?"


"Not happy to see me i see."


"What do you want Selene?"


"You know what I want."


"You're waiting your time Selene. And mine. Just get out.'' He said, going back to looking at the photos.


"Are those the victim's?"




"How's this case working out for you?" He looked up at her again in frustration. 


"Why are you still here?"


"To warn you." He looked at her puzzled.


"The victims were attacked by a Vampire. "


"Yeah, I got that."


"No, Daniel,  you don't understand. This is no ordinary Vampire. " He stood up from his chair.


"What did you do Selene?'' She sighed heavily and looked toward the floor.


"Its a hybrid. My team and I were working on an experiment for the government. "


"What kind of experiment?"She shook her head and sighed.


"What aren't you telling me?'' She sat down and looked at the photos. 


"This is top secret stuff. Real high mucky muck stuff."


"What were these hybrids created for?'' 


"We created a killing machine. For the purpose of war. They're ten times stronger and faster than any ordinary Vampire. "


"Soldiers. You created soldiers.''


"Everything was going according to plan. Until one day they just went crazy and out of control."


"Okay, let me get this stroght... You created a killing machine that is ten times stronger and faster than any ordinary Vampire?''


"Yes. Virtually indescribable.'' He went over to her and leaned over her.


"I suppose one of them escaped?'' She nodded and put her head down.


"There's more..." He looked down at her with questioning. 


"You're victims... They're not dead."


"Oh Selene, you didn't. "

"It take twenty four to seventy two hours for the victims to turn. And when they do all they want is to feed."


"Is there any way to kill them?"


"One way. It was a precaution. Silver will wound them, but not kill them. You have to cut off they're heads to kill them fully."

"So you have to get pretty close." He then suddenly looked concerned. 


"Whats wrong?"


"Jessica. "




"She's the mortician. I gatta go. And so do you."


"Where are you going?''


"To the hospital. I want to out of here when I get back." He said getting his coat and putting it on.


"James... Be careful. Don't underestimate these things.'' He smiled.


"No worries." He said, rushing out the door. 


He drove as fast as he could to the hospital. He parked in front of the main entrance and got out, leaving the engine running and went inside. 


"Sir, you can't park there!" Stated a nurse.


"The engine's running, mov it yourself. '' He said still running. He quickly ran to the elevator. Pushing the button repeatedly,  he impatiently waited. When the elevator opened to the mourge he quickly ran down the hall. 


"Jessica?!" She looked at him with surprise. 


"What's wrong?"


"You have to get out of here immediately. You'rein danger."


"What? By who?"

"Its more of a what. Look i don't have time to explain. Please you have to leave now before...."


"Before what?"

Just then the body of the woman sat up.


"Damn it. Come on go that way. "


"Oh my God..." 


"Go! I'll hold them off."




''Just go''. The male then sat up. The female jumped down from the slab.

"What about you?!"


"Don't worry about me, just go! Get outah here! "


He shouted, pushing her out the door. He locked it behind him. He scanned the room for anything he could use for a weapon. His gun wouldn't have made a dent. The male then jumped from the slab. They both were hissing and showing their fangs. The female charged at Daniel, throwing him across the room. Daniel hit the back wall and then the floor. He tried to get up, but the male grabbed him and threw him again. He tried sitting up but the male attacked, biting Daniel on the forearm. Daniel screamed in agony. He reached with his other hand for something he could use to hit the male with. He grabbed a scalpel and jabbed it into the males neck. He let go right away. The male screeched then went for him again. But Daniel grabbed a saw and swung quically. The male's head was removed with one blow. He then looked at the female.


"You're next.'' The female screeched loudly and leaped into the air. Daniel quickly lifted the saw and swung. Chopping off the females head. He dropped the saw and sighed heavily in relief. Leaning up against the wall, he slowly slid down, sitting on the floor. Breathing heavily, he reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a brown bottle. Opening it he put the pills in his hand and took them. He'd been taking these pills almost all his life. His department knew about it and he told them they were meditation for a heart condition. But they were in fact iron pills. Daniel was, indeed a Vampire, but not a full blood. The iron pills helped control his hunger.


A few moments later Daniel came out of the hospital, holding his hurt arm.


"Daniel?! My God, what the Hell happened to you? Are you alright?'' Asked Downey, running up to him.


"Where's Jess?''


"Over there. What happened?"


"You wouldn't belive me if I told you.."


"Try me.""

"Let's just say we have a big pest control problem. "


"Well, let's get a doctorto look at that."

Daniel sat down on the bumper of the ambulance. The paramedics then proceeded to clean and dress his arm. Jessica walked up just as they finished wrapping it.


"Okay..." She sighed, then continued. 


"What's really going on here?"


"What are you getting on about?''


"Well, dead people don't usually co.e back from the dead. Especially if they're completely drained of blood. "He starred at her blankly, then lifted his eyebrows. 


"Thats what I'm trying to find out." She smiled.


"You know more than you're saying." She stated, folding her arms. 


"Perhaps, but, I'm not going to tell you."


"Why not?"


"Because, it'snone of your business. "


"Really, detective? Its my job to help the police in any way I can." He smiled widely.


"That’s your civic duty. Excuse me." He said, jumping down off the Ambulance bumper, and walking to his car.


''We'll see about that detective.'' She whispered. 


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