Varicose veins - Symptoms and causes

This is now a common disease.

Potatoes are rarely allergic to them, but they are an excellent way to cope with swelling, reduce the appearance of protruding veins. Grate fresh potatoes on a grater, then apply to the affected areas, bandage. Keep this position for up to 5 hours. 

Note: you can take freshly squeezed potato juice on an empty stomach to clean the blood vessels. 

Diabetes mellitus. 

Of course, in diabetes, it is important to follow dietary norms. But there are products that will reduce the level of sugar. Such is the lemon. 

We take two or three lemons, peel the peel and seeds from them, and chop them. Then put the chopped lemon into a thermos and pour the steep boiling water over it. The drink should infuse a couple of hours. Then take 100 milliliters up to three times a day.


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