Vegetable pancakes recipe

I suggest making vegetable pancakes. Pumpkin and zucchini are the main players in today's "orchestra" and close relatives. They contain many nutrients and are easy to digest. The dietary fiber is tender and soft, helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body, including radioactive substances.








pumpkin-100 grams


100 grams of hard cheese


flour 1/3 cup


1 egg


vegetable oil ½ cup


salt, pepper - to taste


Make vegetable fritters.


Grate vegetables on a fine grater, salt them, wait until the liquid disappears from them. Add beaten egg, pepper, flour, grated cheese, mix gently.


Spread fritters on a well heated frying pan, adding oil.


Give the pancakes a round flat shape and fry both sides until pleasantly golden.


Serve with sour cream for breakfast or dinner. Eat vegetable pancakes with pleasure and do not think about how not to put on weight, as vegetable pancakes are a low-calorie product. You can serve tea with the pancakes.


Bon appetit!


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