Vehicle With Unique Shape

In addition to ordinary vehicles as a means of transportation. There are certain vehicles that are unusual. They make all the components with different structures for specific purposes. Racing, mining, vacation. Starting from the body, wheels, engines, to the track. What vehicles are included in it :

1. Tamiya

This vehicle is useful for racing. The engine uses a dynamo as the main power source. Where in the end the dynamo can generate electricity. With a super thin body. This car can only fit one person. You can find them in japan.

2. Monster Truck

Even though it looks like a car. The large tires as the driving force allowed him to traverse a vast field full of scattered stones. Different from ordinary cars that will have difficulty moving in certain areas. You can find them in united states of America.

3. Driller Car

Used for digging into impenetrable depths of soil. With a drill machine in front of it, the soil structure that is not so hard can be penetrated. Until finally we can explore mining products in certain areas underground. The body is equipped with additional protection. So that the body not easy to be destroyed. You can find them in english

4. Rope Train

With a pillar as a support. And the rope as the track. This train can move people to where they want to go. And you will definitely be surprised when you see how high you are from the ground where you stand. This train is in the form of a box. But there is also a circular shape. You can find them in japan.


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