Viral on social media, what exactly is ASMR?

Lately you must have often heard the term ASMR. Yep, you must be familiar with this term especially because ASMR is really going viral on social media. ASMR videos also have various types. But before that, do you know what ASMR is? For those of you who don't know and are still curious, here's an explanation.


According to the ASMR dictionary, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Well, the sounds generated in this ASMR video are videos that produce sounds that can help stimulate the brain and cause a unique tingling feeling while helping a person's responding nerves.

Well, ASMR videos are starting to go viral and trending again by Youtubers who have accounts with the ASMR genre. Previously, this ASMR video was known as video whispering. This can help a person usher in a more restful sleep because of the soft sound produced by these whispers.


However, it turns out that ASMR is not only a whispering sound, but nowadays there are also many Youtubers who make sounds while eating something to make it sound more delicious. In addition, the sound of typing on a computer keyboard can also be categorized as ASMR, and there are several other things, such as cutting and touching something that makes a soothing sound. So, if you already know what ASMR is, how do you do it? Interested in making a video too?


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