Vishwaroopam (Story)

He started his youth from a very hamlet. all school courses were studied in government schools. His parents did not study, and he had sisters. The family was a very virgin family, and father was paid a small salary, but he took the family well. He has thought about lust from many angles since his childhood and wondered how lust is seen in everyday life.


     He has poured out what has come into his experience here. Many people say that lust is a bad thing, a great crime, but if there is no lust, you or I are not lust, lust is portrayed as a bad thing. In this world, if it happens outside through others, it is a big deal, and if it happens at home, it becomes a simple thing to cover up. Lust revolves entirely around our relationships. Our own people don't come from outside the way they touch us if they are lustful and stimulating us so that we can get the necessary happiness and make us go astray. In fact, there are some who have been caught up in this and have been destroyed. If this happens in public, it is talked about in a big way and is due to the recipients in many places.


          This lust takes shape in many forms in many places, in isolation in the night journey, where gender is performed together and gender is different, in which many are forced to become surrendered because they are forced to instigate lust. There is no age discrimination in the taking of lust, and there is no time to predict when it will come and go.


           I don't know what's going to be trembling in the blink of an eye, and once the blind tastes, it takes you back to a bad path that inspires you to taste again and again. The main reason for taking such lust is the environment around us and the human beings around us. Despite relationships, lust is controlled by us, or it will take place. This must have happened in everyone's life, but he hesitated to say this is how lust takes shape in human life no one can deny or forget. Moreover, lust means only men, and women also have some lustful wrongdoers, but society does not take it seriously.   


    These are things that need to be corrected in society. In practical life, women make lust a money-making business, and there are people who have lost millions of rupees due to lust. Love couples who join based on lust are by time. There are many stories of disappearances. Women are the reason for men's lust fulness because of the sexy clothes they wear. In this money-rich world, there are not only ordinary women, but also big left women and some people who are involved in money and easy access to comfort opportunities. In this modern day, some teachers in school also squeeze the children. Brazen killings have also been carried out to cover up the bad erotic relationship that has been staged at many high places.

     It is also impossible to forget the incidents in which many highly educated professors engaged college girls in the profession of lust. From his point of view, he has opened all the experiences he has seen in the media and the events he has seen in the media that lust takes shape from a variety of angles. All that has been said is natural events and do not mention anyone. Not everyone in world life is like this. If the salary is avoided and the necessary is used in the right place, everything is good. The lust that takes shape will also come under control and life will take shape in a better way.



     People who walk around with their wheels tied around their feet wherever they turn to Chennai. It was the morning when both men and women were flying wings for work. A machine-like life has become something everyone is used to. There were many apartments, especially around Chennai. They were inhabited by very well-to-do and middle-class people.


    The most important place to be attracted by all is the most populous place in Chennai. Muthu lived in a multi-story edifice in a natural seven-tier edifice that appeared in many colors in the area. He has retired from government service for a long time. He had a wife and two sons. He bought this apartment in instalments while he was still in office. He is married to his two sons. Pearl is basically fond of other lives. He was interested in gardening and raised many animals in his house. The animals he raised were dogs, cats, birds, and he did not raise them for sale, but on the other side of the river in affection for them.


These were the things he paid full attention to after his retirement. Muthu's wife was also very helpful. Both were raising animals like their children. He was growing a natural home garden on the terrace of the house for shortage. Muthu's focus was more on other lives. They often rented next door to Muthu's house. The owner of the house was abroad. Now a lawyer's family was living in the house. Both husband and wife are lawyers in that house. They are both very selfish. They have the power to be very powerful. It was only after drinking next door that Muthu's dilemmas awaited him. They started blaming the animals in the house.


Day after day they continued to complain. But Muthu endured everything. One day, Muthu's dog suddenly polluted the door next door. Seeing this, the lawyer's family scolded Muthu. Finally, the lawyer's family filed a case against Muthu. The case was argued on both sides. Finally, the judge postponed the verdict.


The house where Muthu now lives was built several years ago with a small amount of money. At the same time, they did not want to give out the animals and plants that they had raised like their children. Pearl, who thought in many ways, finally concluded. He decided that the house was not important to him but that pets were important and decided to sell his house. After selling the house, he chose the area near Chennai as a sparsely populated area and bought the house. They took plants with their pets to the house and settled down. He lives happily with his wife. Pearl is a great testimony to the fact that there are human beings in the world.


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