Vitamins and where to find them

A - carrots, citrus fruits, butter, cheese, eggs.

D - milk, eggs, cod liver, fatty fish.

E - corn, sunflower, olive oil; peas.

K - green leafy vegetables, spinach, Brussels sprouts, white cabbage and cauliflower, whole grain cereals.

B1 - pork, oats, nuts (hazelnuts).

B2 - wheat bran, soybeans, broccoli cabbage, liver, egg yolk, cheese.

PP - green vegetables, nuts, whole grain cereals, yeast, meat (including chicken), liver, fish, milk, cheese.

B5 - yeast, legumes, mushrooms, rice, liver.

B6 - green leafy vegetables, meat, liver, fish, milk, eggs.

B9 - nuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, bananas, oranges, eggs.

B12 - yeast, seaweed, liver, caviar, eggs, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, meat, fish.

H - egg yolk, liver.

Beta-Carotene - carrots, parsley, spinach, spring greens, melon, tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, apricots.


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