Wang's predictions for 2022

There are predictions of Vanga and in 2022 - even so far into the future at that time did not hide from the seer of great spiritual power. Whether they are true and how accurate, time will tell, but looking at the accuracy of her predictions, there is no doubt about it. Predictions of Vanga in 2022 for Russia and the world. What awaits us...?

A Feast in the Plague (about the coronavirus)

The changes in the world brought about by the coronavirus have touched almost everyone. And this disease could not hide from the discernment of Vanga, who said verbatim, "There will be a feast during the plague. The prophetess said that a disease previously unknown to science would come at the beginning of the third millennium, either from the East or from Africa. Scientists all over the world are still arguing about it, and they can't come to a consensus. Apparently, it will remain a mystery and no one will be able to find the exact source of the disease... The seer's prediction about a feast during the plague is understandable: while some pharmaceutical companies are trying to rid the world of the coronavirus, others are simply trying to get rich by seizing the moment and producing substandard vaccines and making crazy markups on life-saving drugs. However, people have not changed since ancient times, and there have always been plenty of people willing to get quick and easy money, even if they are obtained on other people's woes. More interesting look words of the seer on the spread of the disease. Vanga's prediction for 2022 about the virus, on the one hand, can not be called comforting - she claimed that people will get used to the deadly disease and it "will become as common as a cold. But perhaps this should also be interpreted as the fact that the invented vaccines and collective immunity will cope with coronavirus, and it will not become more dangerous than the mentioned ARI. Unfortunately, Vanga's predictions do not give us a direct answer to the question of whether the epidemic will end in 2022...

Financial turmoil:

Another exciting question for many is whether 2022 will be financially successful. Vanga said that the world would be divided into rich and poor. The difference in wealth will be huge, which will also continue in 2022. It is impossible not to agree with this trend: in the lists of the richest people in the world there are people whose wealth exceeds the wealth of many states. It is unlikely that anything will change in the coming year...

In addition, the Bulgarian prophetess claimed that "the money will split into two streams, flowing east and west and in the opposite direction, both will flow into Russia, but people will be fabulously rich, not even holding the money in their hands.

The power of the East, which constantly builds up its economy, makes even the superpowers reckon with it. It is hard to believe that all relations with Russia with the West will cease - and especially economic ones. At the same time, there will be continued expansion of interaction with China and other eastern states. And the interpretation of Vanga's prediction about people who will be fabulously rich without money is also twofold. On the one hand, it can be gratifying that in 2022 human values that have nothing to do with money - kindness, love, friendship - will not disappear anywhere. People who cherish these concepts are indeed rich in their own way. But some see the statement as a lot more insightful than Vanga's, and some say the prophetess is referring to electronic money. The world will continue to be flooded with payment systems that will do away with cash in favor of electronic money. And so one can be fabulously rich if one doesn't even hold a single bill in one's hand.

2022 for Russia

Regarding Russia in 2022, Vanga spoke quite modestly and yet meaningfully: "It has withstood that, it will withstand this. The country will change, but the people will remain the same. In today's reality, when changes can be the most unexpected and not always good, it is hard not to agree with this prediction. According to the clairvoyant, Russia will not deviate from its chosen path, and will achieve its goal, despite all the hardships and difficulties. There will be many dissenters, but the adherents of their cause will remain. Given the global crisis, it is foolish to hope that the situation can change dramatically in one year. But the course is chosen and to abandon it altogether would be absolutely wrong. Another thing is that it will bring certain difficulties, but it is hard to imagine any kind of victory without them, be it in foreign policy or changes within the country. But with all the vicissitudes of fate will be able to cope, and in this Vanga's prediction for 2022 was unambiguous.

Will there be happiness

When asked who among the people would be happy in the world she predicted, Vanga said: "Who will be able to distinguish truth from lies and will be able to put their fists to goodness, but this will become more and more difficult as time goes on."

In 2022, the age of information technology will continue. Not only real resources, but pure information is increasingly valuable. It can be used to manipulate people's minds, ideas are sold no worse than other goods, patents make it possible to earn money even without producing anything. But in all this flow of information, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Information is easier to manipulate than to make a fake product. Therefore, only those who are able to distinguish the truth from a lie, who are able to refer to a reliable source of information, will be the winners. And such judgment will be fair in interpersonal relations. People who are sincere can be happy. But relationships built on lies will never be a guarantee of happiness.

         Good with fists

The second part of the prediction concerns "good with fists. Strength is in the truth, but even so, one will need to be able to defend it. Only this will help a person maintain his or her happiness. But the powerless people, unable to resist the constant changes in the world, will face more sad times. Vanga's predictions for the year 2022 do not predict total wars or misfortune - and even illness will be accepted by many. However, it will be necessary to remain strong in order to find their happiness and be able to protect it. Of course, this will require a lot of extra mental energy from people, but the important thing is that even in such difficult times it will be possible to become truly happy. Although the world remains unstable, human values remain the same. And this allows us to adapt to life in such a way that everyone can find his place under the sun if he wants to.


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