Want to learn photoshop and earn money from online?

Learn this skills from online YouTube, Udemy is the paid course and free courses, Coursera and skillshare etc 

1 Photography & Videography

Anyone can learn how to shoot photos and video. All that you need is a camera or mobile camera 

You also don’t need to go outside or other people to practice photography and videography.

You could learn how your camera works and the different settings and options for shooting. You could also learn how to shoot indoors and inanimate objects such as flat lays, or even use things like a green screen.

YouTube and blogs can easily help you get start.


2 Graphic Design

 value graphic design skills, as these skills are useful for creating logos, banners and other images for websites and social media content. There are lots of online courses that teach beginner and advanced techniques in graphic design, allowing users to develop a foundation in color, layout, typography and other skills

On the contrary, the number of job listings for graphic designers is growing continuously. The job market is competitive, but if you manage to land a job, you will easily earn your living with graphic design

As a freelance designer, all you need to start working is a portfolio showing your good design taste. To enrich your knowledge and develop your designing skills, you can employ a countless number of courses available on the Internet, for free or for money.

But before you get into, you should realize that your work is not going to be all about “pure art” and that your everyday duties may include such things as designing logo concepts, billboards, creating menus, business cards, flyers, posters, etc. 


 3 Video Editing

Video editing is the next big thing actually. Video has been the best marketing and promotional tool for products, services, music, ideas, news, and educational information so far. It is also the quickest and efficient way to become famous – millions of Internet users across the globe go crazy over video bloggers who sometimes have nothing of value to share but their own personality and charm.

The majority of modern phones and computers have built-in video capturing and editing software, which is increasingly used by people in their everyday life as well as for professional purposes. People shoot videos, share videos, and watch videos all the time, so the video is one of the most powerful tools to share a message with a worldwide audience.

Moreover, today’s video production does not require big money costs. Having a computer is already enough to make a pretty professional-looking video if you possess the right editing skills. Finally, video making is a quickly growing business and there are plenty of companies and individuals who are ready to pay for a good video you can make for them.

Professional video editing software is very intuitive. Some of the programs you could start with are  Adobe Premiere Pro CC, filmora and Final Cut Pro X.


4 Video production

Because consumers have a strong interest in video content, video production is a high priority for employers. Video production skills include having an overall sense of pace and timing, the ability to effectively tell stories on video and video editing skills


5 UX design

The internet continues to grow as the main source for consumers to find information and products. While it’s important for companies to host a website so that consumers can find them and their products, it doesn’t matter unless they can keep consumers on their site.

User experience (UX) design is essential to keeping users on a website. Bad UX design can lead to high bounce rates, which costs companies money. Companies have shifted their focus to UX design in order to stay competitive in the future.

Having UX design skills shows employers that you are invested in ensuring users have a good experience. Companies value this skill and mindset, as it proves to be applicable across the board.

You can start by taking courses that teach you about design and how to use essential design tools. To fully sharpen your UX skills, you’ll have to do research on the users you are targeting, so that you understand what they want.


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