War alert! Korean War Alert, South Korean Evacuations

Warning: War imminent! Korea is currently on high alert for war, leading South Korea to evacuate its citizens.


Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are intensifying once more. The South Korean government has issued an order for citizens residing on Yeonpyeong Island, located on the western border, to evacuate immediately and seek refuge in designated shelters.

Officials made this statement on Friday, January 5, 2024. This incident took place amidst indications of military aggression by North Korea.

The local regional office said that the South Korean military requested emergency evacuation orders at 12:02 noon and again at 12:30 on Friday, as quoted by Yonhap.

An official stated that the evacuation was declared following a communication from a military unit, reporting their execution of a sea assault on Yeongpyeong Island in response to a scenario involving North Korean provocation.

According to RT, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in Seoul said that North Korea fired around 200 artillery projectiles from its western coast on Friday morning. The missile descended into the waters within a maritime buffer zone that was designated by a bilateral agreement between the two Koreas in 2018, from which North Korea subsequently withdrew.

"We firmly caution that North Korea bears complete responsibility for the deteriorating situation and strongly urge for an immediate cessation of these actions," stated Colonel Lee Sung Jun, spokesperson for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

"The South Korean military, in close collaboration with the United States (US), is actively monitoring and tracking relevant activities and will respond appropriately to any provocations from North Korea," he stated.

Seoul intends to carry out autonomous shooting exercises on the northwestern boundary islands located in the Yellow Sea, according to an official statement. This was a retaliatory measure against the artillery barrage initiated by Pyongyang.

The evacuation orders and claims of firing occurred subsequent to the condemnation by North Korea of the joint US-South Korean military drills along the border, which they deemed as imprudent acts of war. The exercises commenced on December 29 at Pocheon, a border city located around 46 km Northeast of Seoul. The drills involved the mechanized infantry brigade of the South Korean Army and the US Stryker Brigade Combat Team. 


War alert! Korean War Alert, South Korean Evacuations

Heat is returning to the Korean Peninsula. Yeonpyeong Island population on the western border have been told to evacuate to shelters by South Korea.

Officials said this Friday (January 5, 2024). This occurred during North Korean military aggression.

The South Korean military requested emergency evacuation orders between 12:02 noon and 12:30 on Friday, according to the local regional office and Yonhap.

"We announced the evacuation after receiving a call from a military unit saying that they carried out a maritime attack on Yeongpyeong Island due to a situation with North Korean provocation," a source said.

Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Friday morning that North Korea fired 200 artillery projectiles off its west coast, citing RT. The missile fell in a marine buffer zone created under a 2018 North Korea-South Korea accord, which North Korea withdrew from.

"We solemnly warn that North Korea is responsible for the worsening situation and strongly urge that this be stopped immediately," JCS spokesperson Colonel Lee Sung Jun stated.

"The South Korean military, working in close coordination with the United States (US), is tracking and monitoring related activities and will take appropriate action against North Korean provocations," he said.

Seoul would hold shooting drills on northern Yellow Sea border islands, an official said. This followed Pyongyang artillery fire.

North Korea called joint US-South Korean military exercises along the border dangerous war tactics, prompting evacuation orders and gunfire reports. On December 29, the South Korean Army's mechanized infantry brigade and the US Stryker Brigade Combat Team began maneuvers near Pocheon, 46 km northeast of Seoul.


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