Warcraft is Coming to Android and iOS

The Warcraft series is a Blizzard masterpiece that has successfully catapulted its name into the video game industry. Starting from the RTS genre, the game was never released to the console at all and still survives on PC. Blizzard also briefly released the MMORPG World of Warcraft which was also only released on PC.

But never brought it to another platform. This proves Blizzard's very strong ideals as a PC game developer during his three decades with Warcraft. However, along with the development of the game industry, Blizzard inevitably had to give up its ideals because they would eventually release Warcraft to another platform, namely mobile. That's right, Blizzard will release Warcraft to mobile for both Android and iOS. According to its financial report, Blizzard plans to add new content to the Warcraft franchise in 2022 including World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

Interestingly, Blizzard mentioned that they will be releasing Warcraft to mobile for the first time. This means they are developing Warcraft for Android and iOS. Thus, Warcraft indirectly follows Diablo, which is now ready for mobile. Leaving StarCraft which currently still survives on PC only. A lot has happened at Blizzard Entertainment (and Activision Blizzard in general) over the past year, from widespread issues with a culture of abuse and poisoning in the workplace to the recent announcement that they are in the process of acquiring Xbox. Meanwhile, things are looking a little bleak when it comes to their products as fans of several franchises aren't happy with the same.

As for Warcraft, while the long-running MMORPG World of Warcraft has been the focus of the series for a long time, it looks likely that it will see another release soon - though not the new mainstream PC strategy game that many people want. About a year ago, Activision confirmed that "many" free-to-play Warcraft mobile games were "under development," so it will be interesting to see which titles are ready to launch in the coming months. On the mobile front, Blizzard will also be releasing Diablo Immortal sometime this year.


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