We are the future of India?

Every people in country think that when will i become rich , when will i get success We all know that today Elon Musk is the richest man in this world. Moreover, there is a lot of discussion about him in our country India too or people like to hear from him very much and and seventy percent People also consider his inspiration from him, all this is his progress, his hard work is the light of his hard work, which we all have got to see his light, We are proud of such honest and smart people from whom our youth are inspired, every person has a story or the other, but it is up to us to make that story good or bad, Because in the end, the story also teaches us lessons and our life is also like this. We Indians should do new studies so that we can do something new and become happy in the progress of the country. I just want to tell you from my own opinion that no matter how much we get, we should invest thirty percent of it in our Indian company and do all the work permanently Don't be Illegal, don't be dishonest, don't cheat, so there should be consistency in work so that the country or itself can move forward. Looking at this era, we should give maximum attention to studies because education is the only medium through which we can come out if we get stuck in any aspect of life, it will also increase the IQ level in our mind. It just means to say that studies will come in handy at every turn of our life because no work can ever be done without thinking, Elon Musk, the richest person in our world, also completed his studies. Whenever he established his company space-x. I want all this from my countrymen, please do all your studies and do your work with your mind and heart so that we can get success. In our country, race is the competition everywhere in every field, we have to think that it is completely different from everyone's thinking and only that different thinking person becomes successful through the light of his hard work.
To bring the country in progress, so only we can bring that within ourselves, if when we firmly decide that we have to do something, but whenever such a thought comes when a person stumbles upon his own stubbornness. It is not necessary that today if there was only one rich man in a country, there cannot be another, of course, another new generation can come, because only to break the record as soon as it is made. And as young men like us, we only thought that we could break the record of Musk directly, but we were foolish, we also started walking straight three steps ahead, instead of taking one step at a time, so think carefully. This is a sign of understanding, so take care of one thing yourself, if the situation is such that we cannot even speak the truth, then do not even lie, keep silent and sit silently, this is also a sign of educated understanding. When you sit in front of a wise person, you must say as much work as you can so that he does not have to test your knowledge, he himself will understand that you also know the identity of a wise man. 
I have only one question from all of you that what's your First question if you get a chance to meet Elon musk/ Mukesh Ambani?? Comment on this article fast guys.

Thanks to all.


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