We fry delicious meat

Roasting meat: what to consider To begin with, let's focus on how to choose the right meat for roasting. Let's skip the nuances about freshness, this is not even discussed - the meat should be natural in color (pinkish if it is pork, and more crimson if it is beef), without extraneous odors and with a dense texture. It is important to choose the right part of the carcass for frying. Speaking of beef steak - it is desirable to find a cut from the middle of the back with thin layers of fat. But to determine whether a piece of pork is suitable for frying is even easier - just pierce the meat carefully with a knife or fork. If the flesh can be pierced easily, it means that roasted meat will be perfect (denser and tougher meat is better to stew or bake, for example).

The choice of cookware is also quite simple - give preference to a grill pan for steaks and a thick-bottomed pan for grilling pork or beef slices. A thick bottom will keep the heat on longer and the meat cooks faster. A thin base, on the other hand, is likely to make the meat too dry, with a crispy crust and a soggy inside.

Whether you use beef, pork, or even poultry as a base, there are some simple general cooking principles to follow:

  • marinate the meat without salt; it is better to salt it at the very end;
  • do not use too much oil; lay the meat on a well heated pan with a thick bottom;
  • try not to turn it often (a steak should be turned only once);
  • Do not overcook steak.

How to fry pork meat properly

For the meat to be juicy inside, it is important to seal all of its juices immediately. To do this, place the pork on a hot frying pan and on just above medium heat bring it to a crispy crust on one side. Do not flip until the meat is browned. Then turn it over gently and repeat the process. After that, you can turn down the heat and broil until done.

How long to roast pork

On average, pork roasting time ranges from 20 to 50 minutes. Small pieces of meat, as well as pre-chopped will cook faster. Larger pieces, especially the tougher ones, will require a little more time.

Ways to fry steak At home, you can fry a perfect steak on:

  • frying pan;
  • grill pan
  • electric grill.

In the latter case, the technique itself will determine the time, but in the first two you need to control the cooking time. But here it all depends on what degree of steak roast you prefer. To cook the perfect steak with the right degree of frying, you should be guided by the following figures:

  • Bloody - 1 minute on each side.
  • Medium rare - 2 minutes on each side.
  • Medium rare - 3 minutes each.
  • Nearly cooked - 4 minutes each.
  • Fully cooked - 5 minutes on each side.
  • But remember that the time depends not only on the degree of frying you want, but also on the thickness of your meat and the temperature at which it is fried.

After grilling, it's best to wrap the steak in food-grade foil and let it "finish" for a while so that it's really juicy. When we cook on a grill pan, it is enough to oil it with a brush or paper towel. And if you marinate the meat with oil, then feel free to put it on a dry, well heated frying pan.

Cooking Poultry In addition to pork and beef, you can easily and deliciously cook poultry. And then there is often the question of how to properly pan fry meat so that it retains its juiciness, even though turkey and chicken are lean. This is where little tricks come in handy - use marinades, as well as vegetables or broths. This will help soak up the filet and it will never be dry.


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