We know how much money the winner of The International 2021 will get

Valve has announced the distribution of the prize pool of The International 2021 on Dota 2. The winner of the tournament will receive 45.5 percent of the total amount, which amounts to $ 18.2 million. The second finalist will earn 13% or $ 5.2 million. Teams that take 17-18 places will receive $ 100 thousand.


Over $40 million in prize money will be available at International 2021, made up of an initial pool of $1.6 million - the rest will be raised from Combat Pass sales.


Prize Allocation at The International 2021:

1st place: $18.2 million (or 45.5%);

2nd place: $5.2 million (or 13%);

3rd place: $3.6 million (or 9%);

4th place: $2.4 million (or 6%);

5th-6th place: $1.4 million (or 3.5%);

7th-8th place: $1 million (or 2.5%);

9th-12th place: $800,000 (or 2%);

13-16th place: $600 thousand (or 1.5%);

17th-18th place: $100k (or 0.25%).

The International 2021 will take place from 7 to 17 October in Romania. The CIS will be represented at the championship by Virtus.pro and Team Spirit.


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