We were made to live!

  We were made to live!

My friend! Live! Live the life that was meant for you. Unique, unlike anyone else's. Unique. Exactly as it should be. With all its components, because your life is you. And all the years lived and forthcoming, all people, events and phenomena, surrounding you, all emotions, actions and knowledge, filling you - this is your life and this is you. And without any of the above, you won't be you. So don't live your life looking back at someone else's life, live your own life. Look inward. And act outwardly.

Create a scale of values, based on the thought, "What will I leave behind for posterity?" What good can I bring to the world? Live by giving and creating, and then you'll understand what true wealth means.

Do what you want to be done to you, and injustice will disappear from your life, to be replaced by an understanding of cause and effect.

Live your life with meaning and with the understanding that no one has the right to dictate how you should live, and no one has the right to judge the quality of your life. No one but yourself. Make use of this right for your own good.

Appreciate your time. That one irreplaceable resource, given to each of us in a very limited amount. Don't let it be stolen from you, don't waste it yourself, and don't steal it from others.

Make mistakes. Allow yourself to do that, and you'll get on the path of knowledge. It's not scary to make mistakes, it's more scary not to draw conclusions from them - it's very strange that few people realize this. And by allowing yourself to make mistakes, you will become more tolerant of the mistakes of others.

Don't be afraid to be sad. This life is given to us in feelings, and sadness is one of them. It gives you an opportunity to better understand yourself, your inner world, to recharge. The main thing is not to go into yourself irrevocably. All good things are in moderation.

Don't be afraid to be afraid. It's just as natural and, first of all, fear protects you from the unknown. But to not live in constant fear, you have to get rid of the gaps in your knowledge, and for that

Cognize. Try to live consciously and don't stop learning. It's a mistake to think you know everything. When you stray from the path of knowledge, you step on the path of ignorance. And that path is the cause of all our troubles.

Give thanks and love. By thanking, you consciously fill your life, and by loving, you share your fullness with others, thereby enriching yourself again, because, as I said above, everything around you is also you.

Rejoice in the little things. For all the small things are big to some, and all the big things are small to others. Everything is relative and usually part of something.

Believe! Believe in yourself as a Creator, in your significance and predetermination, in your greatness and likeness, in that plan, of which you are called to be a part and have the full right to be.

And believing, create. Create with real action. Dream, and realize your dreams, create your life as it should be: unique, full of meaning for the benefit of yourself and the world.

And then, looking back and evaluating, you will boldly say to yourself, "I live!"


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