Wealth creation - Every one needs it

Now what is wealth ? , All need it more than want it. Some are lucky and some not. . As they say 'Rich are becoming richer and poor poorer " . Well, that's not the right perspective. We have seen an illiterate person has so much wealth and an educated one doing a Job at some Job source ..  Creation of wealth seems tough but it is not. All that is needed is consistency.

One focussed on any subject of wealth creation reaches it. One doesn't have to be educated for the creation of wealth .. The first point is that don't compare yourselves with other's wealth. There is a Hindi saying " Roti , Kaada, aur Makan ' . That means a person just needs three things to live ': Food, Clothes, and Home " . 

What a life this has turned to be, The Husband goes for a Job, the housemaker goes for a Job too, and the children are under childcare.  Wealth creation has become more a competition than the basic needs one needs..  There are various wealth management course that offers management of a Wealth portfolio  If one venture into the street, a seller of Tea is very much happier than the one with lots of assets and wealth ..

Wealth can be created as easily as drinking a cup of water. We don't have to rush for it. All one needs is a deeper understanding of nature, the needs of Mankind and deter to ii.

One of the easily known businesses is Stock trading. People who seem to be Technical analysts advises them to invest in certain things and disappear.. The right way to invest in stock is 

1. Know the fundamentals 

2. About past performance 

3. Know EPS and P/E ratio.

One can get guranteed results of about 22% profit if one properly analyses the thimgs above in about one year or so. There is also a saying 'Buy when others are selling ' , this is for proper company stock and not mock one.

In Agriculture, too many of them make mistakes by listening to the rumor. For example, if Onion prices have skyrocketed then most of them will plant Onions in their field and next year they meet with disappointment .

What one needs is single point concentration in one's profession .. For example, if one is going for a Job , his concentration should be only on developing his work and the rest will take care of themselves.

There is a saying ' Never do yesterday for what you wanted to do tomorrow'. This saying seems awkward but right. This phrase may sound unusual, but it feels accurate.

Only a one-point concentration is enough to create wealth. Sometimes one faces loss and some other times more profit. A

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