Website design: the main steps for the creation of a website

What is Web design:

Website composition alludes to the plan of sites that are shown on the web. It normally alludes to the client experience parts of site advancement as opposed to programming improvement.

  • Who gets off to a good start is half the battle!
  • Popular proverb also valid in the field of web design .


These are the fundamental phases in the design of a website , depending on the project (an account is a showcase site, an account is an e-commerce) can increase or be divided in turn into web design sub-phases, but these always remain the key points of a good design at the start of a web project:


Meeting with the customer for the definition of the specific objectives of the website (objectives calibrated on the specific target to which the company is aimed) and of the resources that are put in place for the realization of the objectives themselves. This is one of the most important moments in website design.

Definition of a web pre-design document , based on the objectives and assigned resources

Discussion of the pre-design document with the client in order to understand if all the preliminary aspects have been examined

Web design document in which to decide the best solutions and architecture to give to the web project (CMS choice, architecture, necessary content, social channels, etc.) and the more precise definition of the resources in the field

Wireframe ( sketch of the structure that will have the website ) and discussion of the sketch. A wireframe is not yet a graphic project but the spaces and boxes of the project are decided for: PC Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone. It is in fact essential that the design of the website follows the rules of responsive web design .

Once the Wireframe is approved, the first "graphic mockup" to be refined is created (as for the wireframe, the project must take into account that the website must be used on all devices: PCs, tablets, mobile phones)

Realization of a real mockup in which (unlike the wireframe) some simple graphic elements are also inserted (for example the company logo)

Possible modifications and creation of a graphic sketch (the web project begins to come to life)

Prototyping of the navigation scheme in order to define the necessary tests aimed at understanding if the prototype reflects the design objectives

Website creation ( CMS )

Functionality debugging and testing

Data-entry and content insertion after training the staff who will have to keep up with the insertions on the CMS whether it is an open platform (such as wordpress) or a proprietary platform. Important choice in the design phase. Read also: wordpress or custom CMS?

Put the website online

Creation of a post-project document in which to insert some fundamental elements of the design: colors used, definition of the architecture, password, elements that can be used if the web project grows. This document also helps to improve and increase visibility on the internet.

At this point all the web marketing and visibility phases of the web project will start :


adjustment / implementation of any subsequent steps defined

web marketing and related visibility strategies (on social networks, on search engines with an SEO campaign, Adwords campaigns , facebook marketing etc.)


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