NETFLIX MOVIE. Wednesday is similar to Harry Potter

I like practically all movies from Netflix. and new movie about magic school is very good movie for all fans of Harry Potter movie.

The new Netflix series "Wednesday" is definitely recommended for viewing by all fans of the Harry Potter movie. The school of wizards, secrets, adventures, dangers, intrigues, conspiracies and guile, the fight against evil, strong friendship and magic

The series has a lot in common with Harry Potter:

1. a school for teenage wizards

but there are some differences between schools:

in Harry Potter, ordinary children study at Hogwarts school, who initially do not know how to do magical things. Entrance to the school is not possible for everyone and is hidden from prying eyes. The main character is a boy Harry, who comes to school with a pet - an owl.

in Wednesday - Nevermore School for outcasts - children of wizards, werewolves, sirens, gorgons (werewolves turn into wolves, sirens are able to turn into mermaids, gorgons when looking in the mirror can turn themselves into stone or turn others into stone), children are initially trained in magic, have some magical abilities that no one within schools are not surprising.

The school is located in an ordinary small town, graduates of the school can go outside and walk around the city. The main character is a Goth schoolgirl from the Addams -Wednesday family, who comes to school with a friend from home - a magic hand capable of communicating with gestures, spying and performing various tasks.

2. school teachers have their own secrets, there are secret passages in the school, secret societies function, school teachers are able to transform and change their appearance, students manipulate each other with magic, win school competitions, using the magical abilities

3. of the main character / heroine is haunted by an image from the past, the parents of the main characters are involved in the secrets of the past and investigations and school teachers

4.  the main characters confront evil from the past and present

5.  the main characters are persecuted and want to kill, they have to defend themselves independently and with the help of friends, investigate crimes, unravel the webs of lies and learn the secrets of the past

Take, for example, a few similar moments from two films.

In Harry Potter, there are competitions on broomsticks at school, and in Wednesday - on boats. In both films there are eccentric teachers. Schoolchildren study strange plants in the natural science classroom.Both films also show balls, confrontation of school groups, teamwork and many more similar episodes.

According to the storyline of the series "Wednesday", the main character, a loner by nature, is placed "for re-education" at the Nevermore school. A series of mysterious murders are taking place in the city, in which the local sheriff accuses Wednesday's father. However, Wednesday herself is sure that the murders are committed by a monster who is only half a monster and half a man. Gradually, with the help of newfound friends, Wednesday manages to get to the truth, which is shocking.


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