Weekly horoscope



Starting in Magha Nakshatra, this week will increase wealth. Mother will get happiness. Big investment can be planned from business point of view. Profits from the investment made in the business in the past. There will be a special harmony of work with the post in the employed person. Women-students can get opportunities in administrative services.



 You will get sudden benefits. Resolving family problems from distant relatives. You will get the support of an old friend in financial matters. The demand for own production will increase in the cities connected with the north direction in trade. There will be benefits of management in the employed. Opportunities for women-students in the field of application management.




The transit of Moon over the zodiac will make the mind to change the traditional thinking. The decision to speed up the stalled works will prove to be right. In business, you will get the benefit of boom in the market related to gold standard. Achievement of senior position in the job - the sum of respect. Women-students can get opportunity in federal services.



From an economic point of view, investment in land will be beneficial. Be careful if you are participating. Keep your interests safe. The textile market will be beneficial in business. There will be an opportunity to work on roles related to the organization in the employed person. Private sector opportunities related to historical activities for women-students.




The Moon of the ninth and fifth will get special work done through friends and associates. The awaited success is the right time. Business will get the benefit of investment in all sectors related to food items. Will be honored with senior rank in the employed. Opportunities for women-students in the field related to traditional Gurukul tradition.





There will be special adjustment of work and family from the Samsaptak Moon. The solution of external problems will be found from a particular person. Economic growth is possible. In business, the benefit of foreign trade related to steel / chromium will be available. Women and students can get work opportunities in the field related to judicial services.




 The sum of attainment of state honors. Solve problems with the help of judicial or administrative person. Benefit of the plan from the adaptability of time. Big investment in business will be proposed through partnership. Desired post in the job seeker. Work opportunities for women and students in the private sector.




 The first three days will be spent. Any business can be started with outward travel. Think about the topic seriously. The market of raw materials for traders will give profit in future. There will be a psyche of change in the job profession. Private sector opportunities for women and students related to electro homeopathy.




Twelfth Moon will increase expenses. You will get the benefit of planning a strategy carefully. Old friends and colleagues will help. Wed in business, Thursday will benefit from increased demand for the external sector. There will be administrative / managerial opportunities in the employed. State level work opportunities related to computer management for women and students.





The sum of receipt of vehicle-building. It is time to solve the problems that are already there. Try to strengthen the financial side. The claim for the post will increase due to administrative responsibility in the employed person. Women and students can get opportunity in the area connected with Panchayat / Zilla Panchayat.




Special challenges will touch on the inner aspects of life. The economic side is medium to excellent. Modern units of iron industry will get profit in business after the middle of the week. In a job, one has to decide whether to work or not. Private / public opportunities for women-students in the field of shipping.




Mental anguish will create practical confusion. Anyone can be in emotional pain. Avoid excessive thinking and talking for the first two days. First three days of trading are lossy, don't invest. There may be departmental problems in the employed, be patient. Women and students will have to bring change in efforts


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