What are the capabilities of a person?

Running and swimming 

How much do you think a person can run without rest? Your answer is definitely less than the actual capacity. Scientists have proven that many men of the Tarahumara tribe (Mexico) can cover a distance of more than 150 km. They simply need this in order to survive by driving fast-footed deer. Carl Lumholtz in his scientific writings described the case when one of the Indians ran 600 km in 5 days, eating only water and cornmeal.


Walter Peniche was able to swim 167 km from Havana to Florida. And Ben Haggard managed to conquer the distance to the incredible figure of 221 km.



Elaine Jones weighed a lot - 143 kg. She decided to lose weight, but not just to lose weight on a diet - she decided to starve herself. For 119 days, under constant medical supervision, she received vitamin injections and drank 3 liters of water. The result for 17 weeks the woman lost 62 kg.


Heat and cold

In 1985, English fishermen sank in the icy water. But one managed to survive. He swam to shore for more than five hours. Then he walked barefoot in the snow for another three hours.


The power of 

Nikolai Turbas lifted three grown men up to his knee with just one little finger from the floor.

Alexander Zass, known to everyone as Samson, weighed 80 kg, but was able to carry a horse weighing up to 400 kg on his shoulders.


In fact, there are many more such examples in history. So think again before you say "it's impossible".


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