What are the causes of falling mental health issues that lead to suicide by one?

The sole purpose of today's article is to shed some light on the minor causes of mental health that will take the shape of monstrous gaint in the life of our loved ones which lead them to severe melancholia and ultimately suicide. Everyone is very much aware of his physical health but many of us neglect our mental health. This sort of neglection take us to the cusp of ocean of unmanageable crisis in life long. According to research of  World health organization (WHO) one million people commit suicide every year, which represents the global mortality rate of 16 people of every 100 or one death in every 40 seconds. But , this has increased in 2020 as 1 death in 20 seconds. Death rate is surging day by day , it is really heart-rending to see some loved one thinking of giving up.Even  this thought gives us goosebumps. If anyone around you is showing the signs of stress, depression, peculiar behavior and try to live alone , catch up to him and talk to him before it's too late. Hear them, read their mind and enlight in them the ray of hope. 

The major causes of someone's falling mental health and thinking to attempt suicide are phychiatric disease, depression, anxiety psychosis, personality trauma related disorders , genetic disorders, brain chemistry disorders, suicidal ideation (SI) and adverse childhood experiences(ACE) especially in females. One of the research shows suicidal rate is more among females than males.

Suicide risk is multifactorial. About 90% of people with mental disorders are more liable to commit suicide shown in psychological autopsies. While , depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia are about 5 %_8% risk factor. The people who feel like they are purposeless and  hopeless are at greater risk. The immigrants who left their home, have worries of home back leads them to anxiety and they are more vulnerable to commit suicide than to the native people. Even the family issues like separation , divorce and substantial abuse are also the major cause which sometimes trigger them to suicide.

Lack of proper education and information are also the vital causes which lead the common people to the verge of the knife. Loss of status and social network are also have the big chunk in the increased suicidal rate these days as people are very much status conscious . The excessive use of money and resources to keep up appearences drags the men of the present age into the pit which he dug himself.

Adverse childhood experiences and abusive behaviors are the major causes which results in commiting suicide in adulthood. This not only has adverse effects on children's physical health but also harmful for mental health. These adverse effects became harsher and harsher with time and unfortunately someone thoughts that it is better to die than to live in this fire of hell. 

Sometimes the cause may be inherited due to the chemistry or chemical disorder of one which results in continuous thoughts of suicidal ideation(SI). This is now becoming common in people with fewer social contacts, and they have less chance to communicate with someone and such warriors atlast choose the path of hell.

Environmental causes are also of great importance , children with disputed parentage have such feelings and emotions. Even they are not able to tell to their parents and silently kills themselves to live in eternal sleep.

It's the need of the hour to communicate with such dim souls to blow in them the air of hopeness by giving respect and aknowlege their emotions. Such people are not thinking logically and their impulsive feelings override their rationality. When someone morosely wants to commit suicide, ask them few questions:

What's make you do this?

What thoughts you have?

What would make you feel better?

Give them a ray of hope by your conversation. Listen to their emotions keenly, this act provide them a save heaven to vent out their emotions and ensure them that their feelings are of great importance to you. Rejuvenate their self by telling them that they have alot to see like friends, family, children, money, business and status. Realize them that many people even have more worse conditions than yours. So, you should not loss your emotions over such little things. Be brave and courageous to cope up with the situation. Aware them that suicide is not the way to dilute your problems. The last recommendation to overcome the situation is to seek professionals advice to bring out positive thoughts and long-term solution.


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