What are the types of heating in private homes?

In the autumn-winter and spring time, it is necessary to start the installation of central heating or other heating system. Each structure, whether it is an apartment building or a single-family house, must have an appropriate heating system for the premises. Today's technologies are moving towards ecology and economy.

The right choice of device for home insulation

There are many tools on the market designed for home insulation. They differ from each other in many elements, including the heating system and the type of fuel on which they operate. Depending on the facility, the correct choice of capacity should be made by an external auditor or the person who designed the installation.


Gas heating

If the building is connected to the gas network, gas insulation may be the most suitable option. Gas heating is characterized by reasonable costs in combination with operation. At the same time, the use of electronics provides, depending on the installed controller, programming of the boiler. Its operation requires almost no maintenance. The use of gas boilers for central heating is of particular importance because of the smog scandal in huge cities. If all residents of huge cities switched to gas insulation of houses, the smog problem would actually cease to operate.


Electric heating

This is extremely unprofitable. Energy costs continue to grow, and the increase in heating time in our country makes the use of this type of thermal insulation almost a luxury. However, simple installation and ease of use, as well as a low level of risk, are quite convincing arguments for wealthy consumers. To install electric heaters, you don't need much except access to an electrical outlet. Most of them do not require even more power, a traditional 230 V outlet will be enough.


Oil heating

Heating oil has gained popularity due to the low prices of this material in the last decade. For functional reasons, it is similar to gas. Light fuel oil, on the basis of which home heating systems are made, must be properly stored – specialized oil tanks are needed, while the operation of the ignition mechanism is accompanied by the emission of carbon oxides, sulfur and nitrogen, therefore it is safest to make a steel fireplace out of stainless steel. Classic low-temperature boilers or newer condensing boilers are used to heat fuel oil.


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