What can cause the battery in my phone or laptop to light up?

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For the first time, the topic of gadgets and devices with lithium-ion batteries catching fire was widely discussed in 2016. At that time, a popular manufacturer's devices sometimes started getting into trouble - out of the blue, smartphones would spontaneously combust! If you flew planes at that time, you probably remember how owners of a certain brand of smartphones were even asked to surrender them to the crew for the duration of the flight.

Engineers quickly found and eliminated an error in the production of batteries, but the technology of their production does not exclude the possibility of such a case. Moreover, the damage to the gadget is not the most terrible consequence of a fire. After all, it is much more dangerous to get a serious burn or injury. Unfortunately, several such cases have even ended lethally for their owners.

The reason why batteries catch fire is the chemical processes inside them that don't work correctly. Roughly speaking, the positively and negatively charged particles in a battery are stored in separate cells. If you take any battery and connect the "+" output to the "-" output, a short circuit will occur and (depending on the capacity of the battery) it will either slowly heat up or intensely spark and heat up very quickly. The battery cells storing the charged particles are insulated from each other, but under certain conditions this insulation may break and a short circuit may occur inside the battery. In this case an intense chemical reaction can occur, generating large amounts of heat and causing the battery to catch fire or even explode.

This is possible if the product has been manufactured defectively or if the rules of operation have been violated. For example, the charger you use for your smartphone or laptop should be of good quality, in order to charge it with current in the correct mode. Otherwise, it is possible for the battery to overcharge or become hot, for example, if the charger current is too high. This does not mean that you should buy only expensive and branded "chargers", but you should not buy too cheap and of unknown quality.


Batteries of modern devices have many degrees of protection against such cases, but it all depends on the manufacturer and its financial investment in technology. In any case, it is enough to follow the simple rules for the use of devices with batteries and you will not get into an unpleasant situation. First, make sure that your device does not overheat unnecessarily. If your battery regularly gets so hot that it almost burns - consult a service center to see if there is anything wrong with it. Second, try to use quality chargers. Third, do not use damaged batteries (which, for example, have been punctured with a sharp object). And fourthly, when charging, place the device on an open surface so that it can receive sufficient cooling (while charging the batteries may heat up considerably and this is more or less normal).


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