Andrew Tate is a British kickboxing champion, entrepreneur, and social media personality known for his controversial statements and opinions. Recently, he made headlines for his remarks about depression and mental health.

In a tweet, Tate wrote, "Depression isn't real. You feel sad, so you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it." This statement received backlash from many individuals who suffer from depression and mental health issues.

Tate defended his statement by saying that he was not denying the existence of depression as a medical condition but rather pointing out that people can overcome it by taking action to improve their lives. He argued that depression is often the result of a lack of purpose or meaning in life and that people should focus on setting and achieving goals to improve their mental health.

However, many experts disagree with Tate's perspective. Depression is a complex and multifaceted condition that can have various causes, including genetics, chemical imbalances in the brain, trauma, and life events. While setting and achieving goals can certainly be helpful in improving one's mental health, they are not a cure for depression.

Moreover, dismissing depression as a mere feeling that can be easily overcome can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental health. Many individuals who suffer from depression already feel ashamed and isolated, and comments like Tate's can further alienate them from seeking help and support.

Tate has a history of making controversial statements on social media, including racist and sexist remarks. He has faced backlash for his comments in the past, but continues to defend his opinions as free speech.

In conclusion, Andrew Tate's statement that "depression isn't real" is a controversial and misguided perspective on mental health. Depression is a serious medical condition that requires compassion, understanding, and proper treatment. While setting and achieving goals can be helpful in improving mental health, they are not a substitute for professional medical care and support.


One of the most controversial things that Andrew Tate has said is his view on women. In a series of tweets, he claimed that women are not equal to men and that they should not be treated as such. He argued that men are physically stronger and more logical than women, and that women are better suited to domestic roles such as cooking and cleaning. These comments sparked outrage from many people who felt that they were sexist and outdated.

Despite the backlash that he has received for his views and actions, Andrew Tate has remained unapologetic. He has defended his comments on women, arguing that he is simply stating biological facts, and has dismissed his critics as "social justice warriors." He has also claimed that his controversial views have helped him gain a following and build a successful business.

In conclusion, Andrew Tate has said a number of controversial things on various topics, including women and mental health. His views have been widely criticised for being sexist, insensitive, and lacking in understanding. Despite the backlash, Andrew Tate has remained unapologetic and has defended his views as simply stating biological facts.


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