What Do You Know About Teeth

Teeth are an important asset for fashion lovers. Taking good care of their teeth is the main thing they should do the first time. Because teeth are part of human organs. Then he can also be damaged due to many factors.  Such as impact, bacteria, and increasing age. For that we need to be careful in maintaining the integrity of the teeth. Healthy teeth are teeth that are white and not cavities. Although there are ways to fill teeth, dentures are not the same as real teeth. Without healthy teeth, food cannot be chewed properly. Finally, the nutrients in food are difficult to digest by the stomach.

There are several ways to treat teeth :

1. Stop eating candy

Candy or a type of sugar can damage teeth because it can damage tooth enamel slowly. Caused by continuous contact between the components of the tooth and the candy. Causes food residue to stick together with bacteria.  It is recommended to replace it with something else if you like something sweet. Like for example liquid ice cream

2. Avoid fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks can cause plaque on the teeth. If you continue to let it go. Then dental plaque can cause cavities. Because dental plaque can erode teeth slowly.

3. Brush your teeth 2 times a day

Brushing your teeth regularly is one of the steps you can take to take care of your teeth. By brushing your teeth, food residue can be removed. That way no tartar is formed

4. Gargle with listerin

Listerin has substances like menthol and salicylate. This substance is able to kill bacteria while cleaning food residue. So it can prevent inflammation of the teeth.

Teeth that are really damaged will fall out by themselves from where they are. What's worse is that there's no way to regrow the teeth if the permanent teeth fall out. Because there is no substitute for teeth. If it is a baby tooth that is missing, the tooth will be replaced with a permanent tooth. The process of growth of milk teeth to permanent is generally about 6 months. Although not all teeth can be completely exhausted due to various factors except old age.  But the loss of teeth makes people look bad. The total number of teeth for an adult is 32 teeth. while children have 20 teeth.

Although now based on technological developments there are already dental implants to replace teeth. However, this condition also requires a thorough examination of the patient. For example, for people with diabetes. They can not carelessly do dental implants. Because if people with diabetes want to pull teeth. The state of uncontrolled blood sugar levels can make their teeth infected. For this reason, a new, safer method of tooth replacement is needed.

Teeth can be strengthened with calcium substances that can harden the solidity of the tissue. You should regularly eat foods such as fish, spinach, and tofu. So that calcium intake for teeth remains channeled. Besides brushing your teeth with Pepsodent. If you don't have Pepsodent, you can use other products on the market such as Sensodyne. Proven effective for treating sensitive teeth.

Sometimes people can feel pain in the teeth. It is usually caused by inflammation of the dental pulp. The most appropriate way is to take the drug naproxen. By drinking naproxen, inflammation-causing compounds can be reduced.

It is necessary to instill good habits in caring for teeth from the start. Procrastinating will make things worse. Because no one knows when someone's teeth can be damaged. So often consult a doctor about your dental health.


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