What do you think TikTok is?

TikTok's mission is to bring joy and inspire people to create. Today we're celebrating a very important milestone for our platform and honoring our global community. Every month, a billion people come to TikTok to have a great time, laugh, or learn something new. We're honored to be a place where such a diverse community comes together: families, small businesses and, of course, our creators who are the real stars.


It is the creative and authentic creators of the platform that have made TikTok a part of the lives of so many people around the world. The TikTok community is impressive in its ability to evoke emotion and resonate with millions of people of all ages. From music, cooking, beauty and fashion to art and good deeds, TikTok is setting trends and shaping today's culture. 


Whether you're in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Stockholm or Seattle, we thank you - the inspiring creators, the musicians whose albums chart the charts, the brands through whom we discover the products we love, the communities that bring us joy, and everyone who motivates us to laugh and dance.


Thank you for making this journey so special.


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