What happens if you divide everything equally?

Quite an interesting statistic was proposed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Everyone in the world wants fairness and a single class - equality between people. Let's see what everyone gets if we divide everything equally?


Two liters of oil a day per person.

177 grams of wool

21 centimeters of railroad tracks.

1,018 centimeters of highways.

100 bananas

56.6 kg of cardboard and paper

36,9 kg of meat

23,3 g gold

269 g soap

107 kg of wheat

808 cigarettes per year per person

1125 g coffee

229 g of milk

1125 g coffee

4 liters of pure alcohol

2 condoms

25.8 kg of mineral fertilizer

5.63 kg of newspapers.


And now for the scariest part - 738 discarded plastic bags. 


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