What if you want love, but the relationship falls apart?

There is one mistake that mature women make in love. Not young women - let's be blunt. Because all phrases like "I'm young at heart!", "a woman is as old as she looks" - they're a little sly. A woman is as old as she looks, as old as she was born. Fifty, for example. Or sixty. Or more. And that's perfectly normal.


You can look great. Delightful. And yet remain lonely. If there is no desire to love and be with someone, if loneliness is a choice, then it's okay. There are other meanings and goals for the person, you have to respect them for that. It's not loneliness, it's solitude.


And if you want love, but the relationship falls apart? Sometimes the reason is this tragic mistake that Maupassant described.


He described the affair of the Sweet Friend, that dodger, with Mistress Walter. She was in her forties-but that was a respectable age in the 19th century. And she looked splendid; a full, well-groomed lady.


But she was tedious to her lover, albeit a bad one, for a simple reason: the fat lady jumped up and down funny, called herself "birdie" and "girl," and cooed like a schoolgirl. This happened to her out of love.


After a quiet autumn suddenly came ridiculously stunted spring - so it describes the author. And out of love, a beautiful mature lady began to behave like a naughty fat girl. The dissonance was so strong that her lover began to avoid her. He began to be tired of the relationship. He was disgusted with Mrs. Walter, but she could not understand what happened.


That's what happened. We forget how old we really are. And we can lose the dignity inherent in age. You can attract love with the passion and article queen Didon, not the coquetry of Juliet - this is what Maupassant writes about. The childish behavior of a mature woman is repulsive. It is not congruent, it is dissonant with her image, it gives comicality. The fat, beautiful lady is one thing. A fat giggling young girl is another...


Happiness and love in maturity are found by those who do not fall into childhood. Who does not try to look young and speak in a special thin voice, - chirp. Who does not jump up and down pretending to be a bird. Who takes their age with royal dignity, as a reward and achievement, who treats themselves with reverence.


And these women find their half much more often than younger girls. Because the main condition for happiness - is to conform to itself, as the ancient Scandinavians believed. Improve yourself, decorate, respect - but do not represent anyone. And remembering your name, your age, your achievements, your trials, your lineage - this is important for finding personal happiness. Which, undoubtedly, can come at any age.


If this age is realized and accepted, of course


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