What information should be searched on Yandex, and on Google

Today in our country there are two most popular search engines - Yandex and Google. Let's discuss what information is best searched in Yandex and what information is best searched in Google. By the way, I can safely say that Yandex is the best search engine in the world, and if it worked in all countries like Google, it would be the leader. There are many reasons for that. Let's move on to the differences.


In Yandex it is more difficult to promote sites than in Google. So to take the first lines in Yandex is much harder. Why does the user benefit here? He gets a fairly good quality output, unlike Google. 


Yandex tries to filter out sites with bad content. For example, if a site redirects to another location. Such sites are called dorwei and they are designed to trick the visitor. You go to one site, and another is opened to you - the one the creators want.


It is very difficult to find a dorway in Yandex, but there are many more in Google. The reason is that Google in the old way takes into account external links to the site, while our search engine pays more attention to the interaction of the user with the site, the result of which he receives through the counter or the browser with the same name.


Yandex covers a lot of areas, and it is more specifically geared towards Russia. This is Navigator, Market, Maps, Taxi, News and many other things that are part of a single ecosystem. In Google directories, many organization owners even forget to update their office hours and telephone numbers.


Yandex screens out sites that break the law or are blocked by Roskomnadzor. You simply won't find a site with banned information.


Google pays almost no attention to the speed of the site. Sometimes it gives the first pages of very slow sites or sites do not open at all, as Yandex tries to give above those sites, which are very fast loading. In addition, the Russian search engine has a technology turbo pages, when the pages from the company's servers, which increases many times the speed if the site itself is slow. As a site owner, I know that if my site suddenly will not work all day, the search engine will not show it.


Yandex works better with commercial queries and is able to find interesting proposals for goods and services. Google, on the other hand, often has products that are not available at all on the first lines.


You have to be careful with the results of Google search results, because very often in the advertising system of a foreign search engine are moderated ads from scammers. And the first lines in any search engine can be advertising. By the way, YouTube also often advertises all sorts of "compensation for retirees," which can be dangerous.


But then how is Google any better?

Actually, Google is a great search engine, too. It has a little less advertising, it holds more queries (sometimes Yandex asks to guess barriers and traffic lights on the 10th attempt at a search). But most importantly, Google is great at finding content in a different language.


As a person associated with the IT industry, for any system administration tasks I use Google, because I enter the query in English and get the appropriate results on foreign sites, where there is more technical information than on ours.


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