What iPhone to buy at the end of 2021

The most affordable iPhone: iPhone SE (2020)

The iPhone SE will be two years old next year, which is a decent age by phone standards. If the rumors are true, it will be upgraded to a new model in the spring. To buy now or wait is the eternal question.

The disadvantages are the old design borrowed from the iPhone 8. On the plus side, there is still the current Apple A13 Bionic chipset, as in iPhone 11. The iPhone SE is the only Apple phone with Touch ID. In pandemic reality, it's much more convenient than Face ID. Still, the most important thing about the iPhone SE is the price. It's the most affordable iPhone in the current lineup.

The People's Choice: iPhone 11

One of Apple's biggest hits in recent years remains in demand and popular despite its obvious shortcomings. The main argument of the haters is the huge frame and the low resolution of the screen. Nevertheless, the phone sells such volumes that Android competitors can only envy it.

Multicolored housing, rounded body shape without sharp edges, high operating speed, excellent autonomy. Plus water and dust protection, excellent quality of video recording, decent photo.

The smallest: the iPhone 12 mini

Until recently, the title of the smallest and most powerful iPhone was held by the iPhone 12 mini. After the release of the iPhone 13 mini it is no longer the most powerful, but it is still very small and light.

By today's standards, the phone has an unusually small screen, so if you like to sit on the Internet and write messages, then think carefully about how comfortable you will be with a miniature iPhone. Also remember that the iPhone 12 mini does not have the best battery life - a reason to pay extra for the iPhone 12.

Balancing price and features: the iPhone 12 Of last season's lineup, I like the iPhone 12 best. The base model is a comfortable size, it lasts a long time, the phone is fast, and it's beautiful. Now the price has come down, too. If buying iPhone 11 you still choose an old device, then with the iPhone 12 this feeling will not happen. The materials are the same as in the iPhone 13, the design is the same, not counting minor cosmetic changes. And also the OLED screen, MagSafe support, 5G in the end.

Given the price difference between the iPhone 12 and 13, it's up to you to decide which is more important. If you like taking pictures and videos, pay extra for a fresh one. If you just want an up-to-date design but don't know what to fill your phone's memory with, the iPhone 12 is the right choice.

The new miniature flagship: Phone 13 mini There were rumors that the unexpected little iPhone 12 mini would cease to exist, but that didn't happen, the phone got a sequel.

A find for those who love small devices and are nostalgic for the good old days when the phone did not stick out of your pocket. The iPhone 13 mini offers all the same features as the iPhone 13, but in a smaller package.

The new benchmark: iPhone 13 The new arrival of the season features a slightly modified design. iPhone 13 features an updated color palette, and the cameras are positioned diagonally.

Относительно iPhone 12 у него улучшенная автономность, доработанные камеры, а также удвоенный объём памяти, новый чипсет Apple A15 Bionic и даже поддержка двух eSIM. Получилось очень хорошее предложение по балансу цены и возможностей с запасом на будущее.

Almost top, but not the most expensive: iPhone 12 Pro Max The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are missing from Apple's website. They haven't gotten any worse, it's just that Apple needs to sell new products. However, last year's flagships will still be on sale for a few months, keep an eye out for discounts and offers. If you can find the same 12 Pro Max on some interesting promotion, it will be a great option. But the key word here is "if" - it's not certain that the price will drop much.

But there is also a "gray" market. It is not quite correct to compare the price with the "white" 13 Pro Max, but anyway in the first two or three weeks after the launch of the novelty on the market strange things happen, so for now we can assume this option. In this case, the difference turns out to be very decent.

Top-of-the-line but not huge: the iPhone 13 Pro The iPhone 13 Pro offers all the same features as the 13 Pro Max, only in a more conveniently sized package. A year ago, the iPhone 12 Pro was inferior to the older 12 Pro Max in terms of camera, but now their capabilities are equal. If you don't like shovel-shaped devices, then feel free to choose the younger model with comfortable dimensions.

Maximum: iPhone 13 Pro Max For the most pampered, Apple has prepared the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of memory. The price, of course, is exorbitant, but if you have no idea what to fill the phone's memory with, you can buy the most popular version with 256 GB or 512 GB.

If last season the latest iPhone was dark blue, now it is light blue. There are also three classic colors: dark gray, white and gold. The size of the phone has changed slightly, it became a little thicker and heavier, but this is the price for the improved battery life. Now we get 120 Hz support, reduced "bangs", improved cameras and increased performance margin. Rational owners of the iPhone 12 Pro Max are unlikely to run to upgrade, but emotional people will certainly move to the novelty.


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