What Is A Pain Killer Disadvantages Of Pain Killer ?

In today's time, everyone wants to be healthy.  But many times we face such problems. Sometimes we have pain in our head, or sometimes we have pain in our hands and feet; that is, when we experience pain on some part of our body, we are pain killers or someone.  We take medicine, which gives us relief for some time. 

But sometimes, this happens to us as well when the effect of that pain killer ends.  So given our headache, which part of our body hurts.  It starts happening again, and we use painkillers again and again.  But do you know?  Which pain killer do we use?  This can destroy both our minds and our life.  It is dangerous for both our minds and our life. Any pain killer reduces our life, whatever it may be; it destroys both our mind and life.


And some people use it only as an intoxicant in today's time.  And they have got used to taking painkillers.  And he takes pain killer for some time, and when its effect wears off.  So again, let's take a pain killer.  And pen killer puts a lot on the mind of such people, so today, we will tell you in this post what is the harm to us by taking pen killer and how can we avoid taking pain killer.  We will tell you the complete information about this, then see.


Pain killer medicine

Whenever we have pain in our stomach, head, or any other part of the body, we take pain killers, and when we take pain killer medicines, we feel for some time that our pain has been cured by pain killer medicine.   But this never happens; it is absolutely wrong because when we take pain killer medicine.  So our pain is cured by those medicines only for a certain time and does not get cured.  These medicines do not allow us to experience that pain.  Because they have such an intoxicant, and when its effect is over, we have to retake these medicines.

Sometimes when we have a headache.  So we take Disprin.  Or is there pain somewhere else? If we take some other pain reliever medicine, then our pain gets cured, and sometimes in which part of our body there is so much pain.  For that, we take two or three pain killers together.  Or we take heavy-dose pain killers so that we can get instant relief.  But if we make even the slightest mistake, then these pain-relieving pills or medicines can put both our brain and our life in danger for us.


Pain killer side effects

Disadvantages of Pain Killer: Now, we tell you that you take three colors in a row.  So what are the disadvantages for you?  What kind of problem could you have?  So if you want to tell from all these problems.  And want to save your mind and your life.  So you try to avoid these side effects.  And use pen killer as little as possible, then see

1. If you keep using pain killer medicines continuously, there are more chances of your kidney and liver getting destroyed.
2.  If you use more painkillers, then you may have to face all these problems.

3. If a person uses more pain killers,he has many stomach pain problemsin killer medicines can cause muscle stiffness, depression and liver problems. And if a person uses the pain killer pill in the morning on an empty stomach, then there are 100 percent chances of having problems in his liver and stomach.
5.And if a pregnant woman uses pain killer medicines more.  So during that time,, the problem of miscarriage may arise.
6. Use of medicines This increases nervousness, anemia, insomnia, fatigue in humans.
7. TThere are many pain killer medicines that can cause asthma in any human being,, and if someone already has asthma disease,, it increases it.  And about which we do not even know.
8. And if a person uses pain killer medicines for several consecutive days.  So the blood becomes thinner,, due to which many times the blood clots.  And many people also have problems like itching.
9. And according to a report, it has been told that if we use pain killer pills and medicines continuously, then the life of a person decreases by about 10 years.


Expert opinion

If expert opinion is taken about pain killer medicines, then many experts will have different opinion, but you can definitely see one thing from them that pain killer medicines can destroy both our mind and life. Regarding the use of pain killer medicines, Doctor KC Sood believes that there is a lot of pain in any part.  So you can take a lighter dose of OCT drugs. 

But depending on them can prove to be very dangerous.  And long-term use of these drugs without thinking and without taking the advice of a doctor can lead to kidney failure,, and it is also important to know to avoid the side effects of pain killers that we have told you above.  That if you use pen killer,, then what are the mistakes you are making at that time.  Which may give you problems.


Ways to avoid the side effects of pain killers

1. You should never use pain killer medicine on an empty stomach.  Before taking pain killer medicine, we must eat some diet.
2. You should not drink alcohol if you drink alcohol and use pain killer medicines. The combination of these two can also lead to heart attack.  Pain killer medicines increase acidity, so you can understand how many side effects can come on us.
3. You should never let there be a shortage of water.  Even if you drink a little water while taking medicine, but you should nothe lack of water after taking medou take pain killer medicines.  If its direct effect is on your kidney, then by drinking more water in this situation, the toxin of medicines comes out with water soon.

4. Never take a pain killer by breaking it because many times when children are not able to take the whole pill, they are discarded; in such a situation,, the full effect of the pill gets opened in the body,, and in this situation,, this medicine is more like daily.  works.
5. Never break the pain killer because many times when children are not able to take the whole pill, they are left and left; in such a situation,, the full effect of the pill opens in the body,, and in this situation,, this medicine is more like daily.  works.
6. We should not use pain killer pills continuously for a long time because ,many people use pills only because of fatigue and intoxication.  So that even after some time they become accustomed to them.  And using them for a long time starts causing problems in the kidney liver.
7. You should never take more than one pain reliever pill at a time because no matter how much the pain is, the effect of any pill is visible only after 15 to 30 minutes.  So in this situation,, if you use other pain killers.  So this can cause problems like blood pressure, kidney failure, heart attack.  And mild doses of pain killer medicines can be of relief for you.


Reasons to take Pan killer..

1. By the way, we all know the reason for taking PAN; that is the biggest reason it gives us instant relief from pain.
2. Due to these medicines, our body and our mind start working on them.  Because if we take it continuously for some time, then ,,our body and our mind do not work without pain killers, so we get used to taking it again and again,, and the intoxication of pain killers is like alcohol intoxication.
3. Some people start using pen killers even after seeing others because some people work then feel tired then they use pen killers,, but many people are like seeing them.  start taking pain killers
4. And the fourth reason for takingrspainkillersr is that people do not know about the side effects ofrspainkillersr.  There may be some side effects for doing so.


Pain killer information

1. If you go to the doctor, you should take complete information about the pain killer and ask about the way to take it before it,,, etc.
2. As far as possible, you should bear the pain because if you use a pain killer in the slightest of pain, then later if you do not get a pain killer and you feel pain,you will not be able to bear your pain yourself.  .  That's why you should try to bear the pain as far as possible.
3. People who have diseases like hand heart blood pressure blood pressure.  They should never take painkillers without consulting a doctor, as it can be harmful to them.
4. Always take the pain killer with water and if there is any problem of any kind.  So you should see a doctor immediately.  And never use pain killer on an empty stomach.


Simple ways to avoid pain

1. As far as possible, we should inculcate the habit of being happy and should always be happy.
2. We should drink fruit juice once 1 week.
3. You should do a morning walk every morning,,, or you should do yoga exercise, etc. This removes all the diseases related to your joints.  And you do not have mental stress and always you should eat food a little less than hunger.

So if you keep all these things in mind,,,, you will definitely not need to take painkillers,,, and be pain-free.

Today, in this post, we have given you important information related to pen killer oil, pain killer, what is pen killer injection, pen killer, side effects of pen killer, pain killer spray, pen killer gel, the information was very important for all of us to know.  Let us know if you like this information, then do not forget to share,,, and if you have any questions or suggestions about it, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.


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