What is COVID-19 Vaccines?

A vaccine is a biological product consisting antigen in the form of microorganisms or certain part of it, or the substance it produces that has been processed so that it is safe to be injected to people. If one is vaccinated, then he/she will be immune to a certain disease.


Vaccinations are the process that occured in the body causing someone to be immune or protected from a disease. If the person who was vaccinated is infected by the disease, then he/she will not be sick or will only experience mild illness.


A vaccine is not a cure of a disease, it supports the formulation of specific body immunity so the person who is vaccinated will be protected from getting infected by a virus or experiencing acute disease. As long as there is no specific cure for COVID-19, the most effective and safe cure is vaccine and the implementation of 5M (memakai masker, mencuci tangan, menjaga jarak, menjauhi kerumunan, mengurangi mobilitas) or in English known as Wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain a safe distance, avoid crowd, and limit mobility. Both are the protective measures against COVID-19.


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