What is digitize technology and digital marketing

Β digital markingΒ 

What is digital marketing is going to tell today, since the demand of internet is increasing day by day.

Marketing has also become digital, from 2010 till now the number of people running Android phones or mobiles and laptops has increased a lot. Due to which digital marketing has got a new direction, nowadays everything has become digital, whether you are mobile recharge or any bill payment, all you can do on your own mobile. You get many other apps related to it, such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, MoblickWick, etc.

And can enjoy online service, when there was no online service, there was no digital marketing, if you had to buy some stuff then you go to the shop and the shopkeeper gives you the goods you want gives . That is to say, in earlier times if you wanted something, you had to go out, nothing was digital. Even today some people want to buy food, go to their nearby shop, but nowadays it is the era of digital marketing, if you want to buy anything, they can buy everything, even order food online.

And there are many services which are very beneficial for you. Now let's talk about digital marketing, you can do digital marketing through social media too, for this you get many apps, like - WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, email, you would get many such Through which you can do digital marketing. To do digital marketing, you need a smartphone, or laptop, computer, and internet, you can become your own digital shop through these apps. As you go to a shop to find what you need, the shop keeper shows you a lot of variety.

You get this on the online platform also, you get another variety of any one Vastu, like - if you want to buy a mobile, you get its other variety. On the online platform, you find many e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, other companies, you have to contact any company and sell their products, you have been told a lot for marketing, through which you can do marketing. . You get some commission for that products, this work may take some time, you just have to keep patients. And you can do digital marketing in a very easy way.



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