What is Google Assistant? How does it work? Know everything About Google Assistant!

1. Who made Google Assistan? Google Assistant

Google Assistant has become quite popular these days. Many of you probably know its name. But do you know that, Who Developed Google Assistant?, If not, then today I will give you information about this too. Actually, you all must know Google, this company has created Google Assistant.

2. Why was the Google Assistant created?

You can know the purpose of making Google Assistant yourself with this tool from Google. Because you can talk about it.

3. What is Google Assistant? How Google Assistant Works in Hindi

This yantra will give a lot of benefits in your life, because you can take many types of help from it. This will bring many changes in your life. We told you the purpose of creating Google Assistant.

You can talk to it, play with it, joke, and do many other things that you would do with a normal person. It was created by Google to do personal search. Google Assistant is a Voice Search Assistant.

Let us tell you that to make the smart hand device more convenient, Google Assistant was created to put voice commands in the phone. It was completely built by the team of Google in 2016.

For information, let us tell you that even before this, Google had made 2 features which were similar to Google Assistant. But he was not as smart as this, due to which he did not become more popular in our country. But when Google Assistant was launched in our country, it became quite popular.

Right now many people might be understanding that this is an app of Google which will have to be downloaded. But it is not so, but it is already pre-installed in the Android device. However, you will have to download it from the App Store in iOS.

4. What does the Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant can help you. For example, calling someone, sending a message, searching, watching a video, setting an alarm, reading news, etc. Therefore, due to all these features, it gives a lot of benefits to you and your smart hand phone as well.

5. What is the feature of Google Assistant?

It has many qualities in it. Like I told you, you can do a lot with its help. In the same way, you can also consider him as your partner. Because it is fully capable of talking to you, so you can feel free to make it your friend.

Apart from this, you can also change its language according to your convenience, so that you will be able to talk to it very easily.

You can have a lot of fun with this Google Assistant, so that you will never feel bored. Along with (Google Assistant In Hindi) you can give Voice Command as well as Type Command. Due to all these features, this feature has proved to be so popular and beneficial. So you must try and use it.

6. How to use Google Assistant?

You need to have an Android Hand Device to use this special technology. If you do not have an Android device, then you can use it in iOS, Android TV etc.

To use it, you press the home button of your phone's home screen for 3 to 4 seconds or say OK Google or Hey Google. After doing this, the Google Assistant will appear in front of you.

7. Google Assistant in Hindi works in which type of device?

The Google Assistant feature created by Google can work in a variety of suburbs. That's why I have told you about it in more depth below.


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