What is Meditation and learn how to do it?

Meditation is such a way that helps us in making our life better, it not only contributes to maintain our mental peace but it also plays a role in achieving the purpose of our life but many people They do not know about meditation, what is meditation and how to do it, so they are deprived of it.In today’s time every person is mentally disturbed and this condition causes sorrow and unrest in his life, this is the reason due to which he is not able to achieve success in his life because he thinks that success only means his life. Wishes have to be fulfilled.But after every wish is fulfilled, a new desire is born and then he starts to achieve it and this cycle continues for his whole life, in this way he does not even understand what is the purpose of his life and he has to What do you want from life?The purpose of life of every person is different and he himself chooses the purpose of his life, but if he has not understood what is the purpose of his life, then he considers his desires as the purpose of his life.It is true that purpose arises from your desires, but you have complete control over it. Just like your uncontrolled anger causes you harm but controlled anger fulfills the purpose of your anger. Unless you have any control over desires, you are unable to achieve the purpose of your life.Therefore meditation is such a way that you can control your desires and you can achieve the purpose of your life by calming the mind, so today we will try to give you complete information about what is meditation and how to do it. 

What is Meditation ?

Although the term "meditation," which means "control of one's dynamic mind and desires," can mean different things to different people, in simple terms, meditation is a process that teaches you to do so. aids in understanding the infinite potential within. Every human being possesses a similar power that has the ability to alter his entire life; however, he participates in the race of this worldly life in such a way that he does not fully recognize himself or the purpose of his life. Is ? Meditation works in the same way that you feel calm and energized in the morning after a good night's sleep. However, meditation is not a state of sleep; rather, it is a state that, when you wake up, completely eliminates the thoughts that are going through your head and makes you aware of who you really are. According to Osso, meditation is like a blessing for humanity because, through it, we can also treat diseases that are currently untreatable. Contemplation is a piece troublesome in the underlying days, so for this you want to day to day rehearse. What to do.


How to do Meditation :

You can do meditation anywhere and anytime, but the time from 5 am to 5 pm and the calm environment is considered the best for meditation and also this position proves to help you meditate. There are many ways to do meditation and all have the same purpose, to make a person aware of his true form and to provide peace to the mind, some of the main types of meditation are as follows.

Type of Meditation

–Transcendental Meditation

-Heart Rhythm Meditation


-Guided Meditation

-Yoga Meditation

-Vipassana Meditation




There are thousands of ways to meditate, but the easiest and simplest is to keep your spine straight and your neck straight. You can do this sitting, lying down, or standing in any quiet place you like. That is an option for meditation.

As we mentioned, starting out with meditation can be a little challenging, but with consistent practice, you can master it. Therefore, in the initial days, practice meditation for two to five minutes, after which you can gradually increase its duration.

During meditation, you must completely silence your thoughts and immerse yourself in the experience while feeling your breath. Do not try to see inside after closing your eyes because doing so will start to hurt in your head.

Instead, when you close your eyes, you need to empty your mind of all thoughts and views of the world. because, according to science, our brain can only imagine images it has seen in the past.


As a result, in order to recognize the reality that is already within you, you need to eliminate all of your worldly thoughts while you are meditating.


Meditation does not mean sleep and sleep because while doing meditation you are in an awake state and if something happens around you then you have knowledge of them.

Important tips for Meditation

1. Choose a place in a quiet environment for meditation so that you are not distracted by extraneous sounds.

2. Morning time is considered best for meditation.

3. For meditation, sit in such a comfortable position that you can stay without moving for a long time.

4. Do not eat food before doing meditation, by doing this you do not feel sleepy nor do it on an empty stomach, the thoughts of eating it arise in the mind, so do meditation only after 1 to 2 hours.

5. Keep a small smile on your face during meditation.



6. During meditation, take long and deep breaths slowly so that the muscles become calm.


Benefits of doing Meditation

Here let us tell you that there are innumerable benefits of meditation, it benefits a lot physically as well as benefits mentally, the major benefits of meditation are

1. It gives peace to your mind.

2. It enhances your thinking power.

3. It enhances your mental concentration.

4. It develops mentally and physically.

5. It pacifies your angry behavior.

6. It gives relief to your headache, sleeplessness, disturbed mental condition.

7. Meditation increases the flow of energy inside you.

8. Through meditation, every moment of life can be experienced.

9. With meditation, you can get control over your mind and desires.

10. Meditation develops your personality.

11. By doing meditation, happiness starts to arise in you.

12. By doing meditation, your ability to be patient increases.

13. By doing meditation, confidence increases in you.

14. Meditation benefits your physical health.


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