What is relations?actual relationship & real relationship

Relations are associations, similarities or connections between things that are usually pictures.

Relationships are the connection that people have with one another. They can either be family relationships, such as brother and sister, or romantic ones, like mother and son. Relationships help us to know ourselves and others. They give us security and a sense of meaning

Relationships between individuals and groups of people, usually friendship or affection towards each other.

Relations are the people, places and things that are part of your life. There are three forms of relations: those you have (e.g. Friends), those you do (e.g. Parent & child), and those that affect you (e.g. Physical & RSI). The relations in each type are different from each other as well; for example, if a child is sick, a parent can help them through it with patience and understanding, but if a friend has an issue at work that causes stress, that is something which requires immediate action....

Relations are the connections, connections between people and things.

Relations are what you think about people or things that you have associated with.

Relations are the connections between two things. Relations exist between any two or more entities and include the following:

Relations are an important part of being human. Relationships and communication without visual contact can have positive effects on our health and well-being, but there are a number of negative consequences if we do not maintain healthy relationships.

Relations are things that relate to or connect an entity or concept. Relations may be conceptual, based on the elements of a specified set, logical, or analogical.

Relations are things that relate to or connect an entity or concept. Relations may be conceptual, based on the elements of a specified set, logical, or analogical.

Relations are the connections between people and things. For instance, if you want to pick up a cup of coffee, your relationship with the coffee shop owner is important.

Relationships are what connects people to other people, groups and objects. In these relationships, people feel connected to something or someone else.

Relationships are the connections between people and objects, which include family, friends, co-workers and more. Relationships can be categorized in terms of types and their role in a company. A good example of this would be a lecture given by a professor to his students about their business idea or workmate who helps with your work/studies depending on their roles and specific characteristics.

Relations is a platform for learning and playing games with your friends.

Relationships are the foundation of human interactions. They are the people, things and ideas that we share with others and the forms of sensibility that bind us to one another. Relationships are both personal and shared. They have an intimate quality in which we become fully present as individuals before other people.

Relationships between two or more people or entities. Relationships can be either positive or negative, and can be either casual or serious. They can also be personal or professional. Relationships are essential for human life because they help people communicate with others, exchange goods, services and ideas.


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