What is stress and how can we reduce it?

Over and over again, we are being tormented by stress. Nowadays, even the smallest everyday problems stress us out. We no longer have the strength to cope with everything. With that being said, without energy, we can't really be happy about anything. Stress causes us to feel low on energy, irritable and restless inside.


The most common stress factors in our lives


These are mainly relationship problems, financial problems or time problems. But physical exertion, bad air, constant noise and worries about our health are also considered to be main stressors.  Besides these external stressors, we also get stressed by internal stressors. These express themselves more on a physical level, for example through exhaustion, poor nutrition or inflammation.


Reduce stress through problem-solving


Stress can best be eliminated by solving the problems in our lives that cause stress.

In doing so, we should especially keep in mind that there are solvable and non-solvable problems. We can recognize solvable problems by the fact that there is generally a solution to them that we are not yet aware of. Unsolvable problems would be, for example, the death of a good friend or the incurable disease of a close relative.


Important steps to reduce stress


  1. First think about which problem is stressing you out
  2. Define your goals exactly. How do you want to feel after the stress is eliminated? What exactly do you want? More free time, a good schedule, or more money?
  3. Find new ways. There is not just one perfect solution to solve a problem. Think of as many ways as possible that will get you closer to your goal. Then choose the most promising ones.
  4. Plan specifically how you will approach problem-solving measurements to reduce stress. What information do you want to get? What exactly do you want to say in a conversation?
  5. Take action and act as you have previously planned in order to solve the problem.
  6. After you have acted, check whether you have achieved your goal. Have you now reached the desired state.? Are you more satisfied now?




In our daily lives today, stress triggers are everywhere. There is the onslaught of digital data, the increasing pressure to perform and to meet deadlines, as well the excessive demands on ourselves. Here, we need to realize that we cannot find our way out of the stress trap overnight. Very often, major personal changes are necessary to achieve a better quality of life. Take the first step today and regain your energy back!


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