What is the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover?

Why it's like this


The names Land Rover and Range Rover are consonant, so there is often confusion. In addition, in the period from 2000 to 2005, there was MG Rover Group, which produced cars under the name Rover. It should be clear: Land Rover is a British company, which was founded in 1948. Today, it is part of Jaguar Land Rover and is owned by India's Tata Motors Limited. The concern's lineup includes crossovers and SUVs.


Range Rover is the company's flagship model. It appeared on the market in 1969. During the production time, 4 generations of SUV have had time to change. Moreover, today Range Rover is, to some extent, a sub-brand with its own line of models. In addition to the Range Rover itself, it includes the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque.


The cars have a design in the corporate style. At the same time they are quite different.

How they differ

In the end, it is impossible to talk about the differences between Land Rover and Range Rover. For example, Lada produces the Vesta model, and Porsche produces the Cayenne. That is, the full name of the flagship SUV sounds like Land Rover Range Rover. Also at the end, they often add a marking indicating a complete set - HSE, Westminster, Vogue, Autobiography, SVAutobiography.


Some people are confused by the fact that the hood of the flagship SUV bears the Range Rover inscription, while most competitors have the concern's logo or name on the front of the body. But this is part of the tradition - the Land Rover logo has a small size and is installed on the radiator grille on the left. Against the background of the impressive dimensions of the car, it can really get lost. The logo is also placed on the door of the luggage compartment.


Evoque, Velar - is it Land Rover or Range Rover?

As mentioned above, Range Rover today has essentially become a sub-brand. That is, the Velar and Evoque crossovers are not modifications of the Range Rover - they are separate models that use different platforms and are equipped with different units. However, the situation is quite different from, for example, that of Hyundai and Genesis. The Genesis premium lineup in no way hints at an affinity with Hyundai-KIA. The Range Rover Evoque and Velar crossovers, in turn, have Land Rover logos, directly indicating affiliation with the brand. Also no separate Internet resources are created for Range Rover - all products are presented on the official site of the concern.


Why such complications?

Range Rover-branded models use similar systems to other Land Rover vehicles. However, they are the top in terms of equipment and the quality of used trim materials. It is also these models are equipped with the most powerful power units. That is to say, the Land Rover name indicates belonging to the brand. The marking Range Rover refers to the older models of the concern. Then the specific name of the car is indicated (Evoque, Velar). However, this does not apply to Range Rover and Range Rover Sport - they have no additional designations. However, it should be noted that the first generation Range Rover Sport was technically very different from the flagship Range Rover, although the cars were very similar in appearance.


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