What is the difference between our bison and the American bison, which of them is generally stronger

European bison and the North American bison are two rather similar large relatives of the common cow. Moreover, they are similar both in appearance and the sad fate of the almost complete destruction of the species.

But what is the difference between a bison and a bison? Who is stronger than whom?

By the way, the name bison is related to the Russian word tooth. And it comes from the Old Slavic * zǫbъ - sharp. That is, a gobr is an animal with sharp horns. But the word bison, most likely, comes from the Germanic wissambris - an animal with a fetid odor (amber).

So, let's talk.

Let's start with the fact that in general, in fact, this is actually one species of bulls of the bovine family. Their common ancestor, the so-called protobizon , originated about 2-3 million years somewhere in the north of modern India. And from there he fled throughout Asia and Europe.

The bison reached about 40-50 thousand years ago through the frozen Bering Strait through Siberia and to the prairies of North America. And when the bridge melted, the bison was reliably isolated from the bison for millennia.

Of course, such a short evolutionary period did not lead to the division of bison and bison into different species.

The main differences: The bison has an elongated body and is slightly larger than its European relative, the bison. But the bison has smaller horns and tail, shorter legs, but longer back.

The bison has a higher hump, its head is set higher than that of a buffalo. In the bison, the hair is uniform throughout the body, in the bison, the back part in the summer is almost bald.

These guys are more likely to represent different breeds of the same animal. And when crossed, they give excellent healthy offspring. The so-called bison.

In Europe, bison were practically exterminated in the course of a gradual centuries-old hunt. And in America of the 19th century, huge bison became ruthlessly destroyed by purposeful special American detachments - in order to deprive the recalcitrant Indians of their main livelihood.

It is interesting that the wild population of almost exterminated bison in Europe was restored with the help of bison brought from America. There, this species still managed to survive better, despite the brutal shooting by white hunters. Overseas bison were crossed with bison that survived in zoos ...

Who is stronger than a bison or a bison?

The bison looks more compact and stronger than the bison. However, did you manage to bring them together in a fight in practice?

The only documented fight between two males of this species was noted in the Oryol Reserve back in the 2000s. The bison and the bison lived next door through the bars. And they came together in a battle for the attention of a beautiful female.

The bison accidentally saw a young bison through the grating of the aviary, broke through the fence and rushed to the lady. But a bison, who lived right there, stood in his way. A scuffle began on the horns. The American ultimately defeated ours :)

However, this is only an isolated case. And it does not mean at all that in another battle the bison will necessarily win.


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