What Is The Secret Inside The Pyramids Of Egypt

Pyramids have a fairly unique shape. When you look at it at a glance. The pyramid has the shape of a pyramid formed from large, square stone steps. Arranged in such a way to reach the highest peak. Where above there is a small pyramid as a pointed cover. With a square door underneath as a sliding entrance. The walls inside the pyramid are filled with carvings that tell how events actually happened in the past. Images of humans and birds stretched along the wall. Ancient languages. It's clearly written there. Although it's hard to understand. Except by archaeologists. The floor itself is trapezoidal in shape.

Given that there was no technology like now. The pyramids are claimed to be one of the wonders of the world. These include the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the Eiffel Tower. What is questionable is why the stones can be arranged so neatly to form a building.  However, the equipment is still very limited. Even if you see it now. Nothing has changed a bit. Except for small cracks in some parts due to lack of maintenance. Who actually built the pyramids? How many workers are needed to lift the boulder? This is still an unanswered question until now.

Inside the pyramid there is a chest that is used as a burial place. Once upon a time in the past. Many kings ruled the kingdom of Egypt. Because the king is only human. Nothing stays alive in the middle of people. There is always a change of king from year to year because variety of factor. To commemorate the services of the kings it was preserved. According to history many great things happened at that time. One that can be found among them is the war between Egypt and the Hittites. They used chariots as a means of transport.  With thousands of troops arranged in a line of formation.

Although the books don't tell much about it. Some have been burned so it is very difficult to find the facts stored at that time. Before people preserved corpses in coffins. They wrapped it in bandages and covered it with a special preservative every once in a while all over the body. In addition to chests, there are also treasures belonging to the king who were deliberately stored in the pyramid. And no one can take it. Dozens of glasses, coins, accessories. A number of wealth in the form of gold that was deliberately collected by the king of Egypt during his reign was stored in it. The guard system never stops day or night. Because they think these things are very valuable.

There is also a spink statue, which is a statue of a lion with a human head. People formed it for worship. The statue symbolizes courage and tenderness. Like a valiant lion and a gentle man.

According to research. People in the past when the new pyramids were formed used the solar calendar calendar system to determine date changes. Although the accuracy is not as precise as modern calendars. In the field of knowledge people are already able to use the principles of arithmetic. One of them is the invention of the hourglass. Which is quite useful for measuring the length of time.

Because the pyramid is located in the middle of the desert. It rarely rains in that area. You will be thirsty if you walk to the pyramids. You may need to ride a camel as there are no vehicles to ride. The area around the pyramid is inhabited by various animals. One of them is a scorpion. Be careful to always wear sandals when around the pyramids. Scorpion captains are almost the same as crabs. Scorpions can also transmit poison.  Until now the pyramid is still a symbol of the state of Egypt. If you want to visit it go to the city of giza.

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The Egyptian pyramids show the power of
Peoples in world. And means that when we can work together we can get to our achievement.


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