What keeps you from making friends: 8 mistakes that many people make

Talking to other people

Friends should not spread gossip about each other, because then what is the point of friendship? Try not to discuss your loved one behind his back. You want to say something, say something nice.



Would you be pleased if you shared your plans for life or interests, and you were laughed at? I doubt it very much. Prickly jokes always hurt, even if they seem harmless.


It is better to check with a friend, how he feels about it, and whether you should limit themselves to expressions.

Belief in rumors.

One of the components of friendship is trust. After all, you would not be so close to a person you do not trust and in whom you are not sure? Then why is it necessary to believe everything that strangers say? If you immediately change your opinion about a comrade, barely heard any gossip, then you're worthless.



Man is not obliged to spend all the time with you and communicate exactly when you want it just because he is your friend. We all have our own desires and needs, and hearing refusal to communicate at this time, do not get upset or angry. Be supportive of your mate or just wait for him to get in the mood.



When every time you have an argument, a person says something like, "I paid for you at the coffee shop last month, how dare you treat me like that!" or "I did you a favor the other week, why are you calling me bad? So what if it was the first time in six months?", there's not much to like about it.


No one likes petty people who emphasize every ruble or effort spent to make you feel ashamed or to repay you in the same way.


Lies "for good" are only justified by those who have already made it a habit. In a healthy relationship, including friendships, there should be no misunderstandings. Try not to lie to the person once again, and honestly tell him about the situation and ask him to understand. If he really appreciates you, probably will accept the recognition.


Lack of interest

Many people expect support, care and at least trivial interest in themselves from their friends. Accept that getting one-word sentences in response to your day is not a pleasant prospect. Try to learn more about your friend, ask him about different things.



Have you noticed that when a friend is successful in any industry you have an unpleasant feeling? This is called envy. And in a sincere friendship it should not be. It's worth reflecting on their behavior. Try to praise your friend and rejoice in his achievements.


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