What men look for in a real women??

There are many of young women these days who think that being a woman is about how beautiful or how much feminine you can look from outside. This is the reason these ladies spend lots of time and money on beauty products and cosmetics and parlor. But does looking feminine and not having the inner qualities of a woman make you a complete woman??? There lies the question.

Today young ladies and guys are falling in love and breaking up even sooner than that. 

What could be the probable reason. The woman are grooming themselves externally but not internally. But real men do not look for your appearance. Yes they would definitely praise your beauty but if you are to get into a serious relationship, then the man will look for your inner qualities ,the qualities of a real woman.

And the real qualities of a woman are being supportive, taking care, helping out her partner, being polite and understanding to the partner, being affectionate and kind, being a pillar of strength when the partner breaks down, knowing to manage and maintain a family, valuing the qualities of her partner, trusting her partner and above all having the courage to continue her life with her partner.

Today these qualities are not practiced by the ladies, and that is the reason why so much of break up are happening. 

Today women think about beauty from the appearance point of view. They are no more interested to develop their inner thought process, inner qualities, and development of soul. They are trying to portray themselves all by their look. But beauty of a woman is not skin deep. A real woman cannot be defined by the standard set by the society as to how a woman should look. 

A woman may look different from the standard set by the so called society but she may have a great inner soul. A real man never fails to find out these inner qualities in a woman. And these inner qualities can lead to the success of a relationship.  

If a woman looks like an angel but her mind is like a poison and corrupted, it will never fetch her a good partner. So a woman's beauty lies in her soul, the care and affection that she gives to her partner and her family. No woman can simply get into a steady relationship if she does not develop these inner qualities. Every men look for those beautiful feminine qualities in a woman. And if a man is liking a woman for other reason then it's for sure, that the relationship won't last forever or it would lead to a toxic relationship in due course of time.
If you want to be a real woman, look at your mother and ask yourself the question, why you love her so much? 

That will actually guide you to be a real woman rather than spending ample time on cosmetics and beauty parlor.


Be a real woman...a woman from soul.!!


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