What problems a smartphone hard reset solves

After activating this feature, you get your smartphone as if you had just unpacked the box and turned on the gadget. The memory of the device is completely cleared, and the operating system will be exactly the version that was available when the device was released.

A hard reset can solve a number of software problems with your phone. Let's talk about them.

The reset is useful to do in the case of improper operation of the gadget. For example, the smartphone often hangs, restarts or enters a cyclic reboot mode (bootloop).

If the problem cannot be solved with the help of tips from the Internet, then perhaps it is a hard reset that will solve the issue.

If your device has been infected with viruses and you can't fix the problem with antiviruses. Most likely, the malware has made changes to your operating system. A hard reset will allow you to get a clean operating system without data or programs.

There are situations when you have updated your device and it doesn't work the way it used to. Very often manufacturers release deliberately "heavy" updates on older devices so that the owner will think about buying a newer gadget. If the latest update cannot be removed, a factory reset will help. Only after it, the user should take care to disable updates.

By the way, resetting the device is useful for an older smartphone - it will work faster.

Also a reset can help in cases:

📲You can't uninstall or install an app. The reset allows you to "refresh" the file system and eliminate errors.

📲Every often there are errors in applications or in the operating system.

The device slows down a lot for no apparent reason.

You bought a used smartphone. Reset will delete all the data of the previous owner and solve possible problems in the operation of the device.

How to do it?

A hard reset comes in hardware and software. If you just need to delete all data, you need to enter the word "Reset" in the settings section (settings vary from smartphone models) or search for the appropriate item.

A hardware reset is done by pressing a specific combination of physical buttons while turning on your smartphone (volume and power keys in a specific sequence). For each device can be a different combination, the article can not list all the possible smartphones. On how to do a hardware reset you can see in the search engine by entering "hardware reset [device model]".

Depending on your device model, the operation of a hardware reset and a software reset may differ from each other. But a hardware reset will almost always return the operating system to the version it was when the device was released. And a software reset can return the system as well, or it can simply delete all the data (it all depends on the model).

By the way, both reset options delete absolutely all the data on the device - before you activate the option, you need to save what you need in the cloud or on your computer.

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