What reviews should be like

"One in 10 consumers shop online by looking at reviews from other shoppers," according to a KPMG report.


Mneniya.Pro, which helps online retailers collect product reviews, studied the impact of reviews on conversion rates. Researchers divided customer traffic 50/50. The first half were shown product cards with no reviews, the other half with reviews. The conversion rate for items without reviews was 2.73%, while the conversion rate for items with reviews was 3.12%. Conversion for items with testimonials was 14.3% higher.


Having reviews increases conversion by 65%, according to the Profitero report. However, not all reviews have to be positive. The Nielsen report states that: 68% of shoppers trust reviews if negative ones are among them. When there are no bad reviews on a site, shoppers assume the negative comments have been deleted, which means the reviews are custom.


A large number of negative reviews is bad for sales. But if there are several times fewer negative reviews than positive ones, the buyer gets the impression that everything is fair.


One in ten buyers on the Internet follows the reviews of other buyers. Reviews on the site are necessary. And the more of them, the higher the conversion. Even negative reviews are important. The main thing is to have a few times less of them.


Let's look at how to motivate buyers to leave reviews           If a person is satisfied with the product and service, there is no need to write a review. Most likely, he won't even remember it. To get reviews, you'll have to try harder.


Remind. Ask people to leave a review. Show this appeal more often: in the review box, on the product page, in the personal account, in the newsletter.


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