What should you do in old age so as not to spoil the rest of your life? - Wise answer from Oleg Roy

A person doesn't die because they become old, or because their hour has come. Everything happens in a completely different way. Age has nothing to do with it. Nor does health have anything to do with it. A lot comes from the mood, your own thoughts and lack of positivity.


It's not that people die because of a bad mood or a negative day. Look at things more deeply! It is at the moment when a person is completely devastated, when sorrow comes that cannot be eradicated, and when happiness no longer has a place in the soul - a little death comes.


And it is this that can kill a person both morally and physically. Observe yourself, what happens to you when joy and good humor disappear from your life.


If there is longing and sadness in life in a protracted period, it is no longer as much fun to live as before. And the head begins to visit not the most happy and pleasant thoughts. Unhealthy habits that only aggravate a person's relationship with life: alcohol, drugs, smoking.


Emptiness, depression, lack of interest and taste in life, complete indifference, maximum indifference - all these are synonymous. And all this causes death. A person dies internally, he becomes "indifferent" to everything.


He would lie and stare at the ceiling all day long, discussing why he lives in this world. He wouldn't give a damn about anything, not even about his own family.


You can't even imagine the powerful role that joy and its presence play in our lives. It's like a lever, when you push it, you start not only to live, but also to act, to be satisfied, to smile.


The emptiness in our heart and soul can drive us into such a corner that we sometimes can't get out on our own. Hence a person either realizes this and resorts to the help of psychologists, or "dies" with the ends (and very often it happens that death comes in its truest sense!).


But does man really allow himself to sink into a devastated state? The fact is that we cannot completely control what happens around us.


Life is so unpredictable that today you feel good, and tomorrow it will be average. At such moments, it is important not to hang up, not to give up, to move on, by all means. And if you give yourself a slack, if you allow your own body to relax, it means that you've given up and accepted the situation.


At this point you have allowed yourself to sink into despair and depression. It is possible to get out, then it will be quite difficult. Strong people either do not sink into a joyless state at all, or they know how to pull themselves out. Weak - "perish.


The brilliant writer Oleg Roy argued on this subject in his book "The Web of Lies." He made it clear that much depends on the mood and thoughts of the man himself. Much in our hands, we just do not know it yet. But as soon as we are confronted with this condition, we begin to act. He wrote thus:


"Death does not come with old age, but with desolation, then when joy dies and sorrow is born, when happiness dies and longing is born - then you become the executioner of your own life."

The executioner of your own life. Only three words, but how powerful they are. You see, we hold our own life in our hands. And who, if not us, is responsible for it.


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