What Taliban Militants Forced TV Presenter To Do On Air At Gunpoint In Kabul

Acccording to emerging reports,the presenter of Afghanistan tv, Peace Studio was reportedly forced at gunpoint to compel the citizens to accept the Talipan government without fear.

The presenter who appeared on a video footage was seen and heard urging the Afghans to cooperate with the new Taliban-led government without fear.

Behind him were members of the Taliban fighters with guns.

This was amidst the tensions in Afghanistan as the Taliban Islamic fighters go round the country hunting down Afghans who assisted U.S. and coalition forces during the 20 year occupation.

However, report had it that thousands of Americans were as well left behind in Afghanistan at the end of the August 30 deadline for the American troops to pull out of the country.

It was also gathered that some over three hundred thousand Afghans were not evacuated as President Joe Biden led- government left them behind to find their own way of getting out of the country or die.

Investigations however, revealed that a total of 34,500 SIV (Special Immegration Visas) Visas were issued to Afghans who worked with U.S. officials in Afghanistan since December 19,2014.

It would be recalled that social media was engulfed with sadness after seeing the abuse of popular comedian by two Taliban fighters after the take over of government.

Popular comedian Nazar Mohammad in Afghanistan's south , better known as Khasha Zwan was seen in a video after being arrested by some Taliban militants inside a vehicle. 

He was physically abused and later shot dead. Khasha Zwan was very much known for making jokes of the Taliban during those days of their struggle to take power.


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