What to do and how to save the phone if it fell into the water

Everyone knows that water is the worst enemy for a smartphone. But it's not always possible to protect your phone from moisture. An accidental drop in water, a walk in the rain - and your phone gets wet. What to do?


Your gadget is constantly "taking a bath"? You may want to get a waterproof phone.


Don't make any common mistakes.


There are things that are strictly forbidden to do if your phone fell into the water. Otherwise, it is definitely not possible to restore the functionality of the device.


Do not turn your phone on, this threatens a short circuit.For the same reason you should not put a soaked gadget on charging.Do not use a hair dryer: the air flow will only disperse water over the device, and excessive heating can damage the device.Drying your phone in the microwave is also a bad idea, it will finally break down.

Step 1: Take out and dry


If your smartphone is in water, you need to take it out, put it on a dry surface and take off the cover, this will allow the moisture to evaporate faster. If the phone has been turned on, it should be turned off. Be sure to remove the removable battery and leave it to dry for at least 48 hours. Today's models have a non-removable battery, you won't be able to handle it without service, so let's move on to the next steps.


Step 2: Don't forget the cards


Take out the SIM card, memory card and leave it to dry for 24 hours. You can wipe them with alcohol to avoid oxidation. Once dry, they will faithfully serve you further.


Step 3: Remove the Water


To get your gadget up and running quickly, it's best to get it serviced. If you don't want to or can't - use improvised means, for example you can just leave the phone on the table for several days to dry out. 


Why did the wet phone work and then stopped?


You took your phone out of the water, were happy that it worked, and continued to use it as usual. But it didn't work for very long. Why? There are quite thin contacts on the circuit board of the device, after water hit, the current continues to pass through them, but soon the contacts oxidize, deteriorate, and the phone stops working.


How to understand that there is an oxidation process inside the smartphone?


Different defects will start to appear on the phone's screen after it has fallen into water:


White or yellow spots.Horizontal or vertical stripes.Glow of individual pixels.


Sensitivity of the sensor is lost: in whole or in parts. For example, after water gets into the phone, the touch screen does not work at the edges, and in the middle it responds.


In addition, in this case, there may be problems with the speaker or buttons, if you have a push-button unit.


How to deal with the consequences?


If you have done everything that you could, but the phone still does not work, there are spots and stripes on the display, and it is impossible to disassemble it at home, there is only one way out. Go to the service. It is true that they don't give a guarantee for the repair of drowned phones. Keeping silent about the fact that the smartphone fell into the water, in this case is useless - there is a special litmus paper, on which you can understand that the device is pretty wet.


Take care of your gadgets and, if possible, do not send them into the water.


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